Monday, December 10, 2012

Fancy pictures!

Be prepared... it's a lot of pictures!
Bob has access to a super-fancy camera -- the kind with the detachable lens. He tested it out by taking some great pictures of the boys.
We've been trying to get a good shot of Cheese Puff for something special. He got lots of great options. That's his sweet face.
His giggling-at-silly-Mommy face.
His serious expression.
His very happy, contagious laugh.
How awesome is this picture? Looks like Little Elvis is a little jedi. He's not really into Star Wars, but give him a light up wand thing, and he acts like he watches the movie diligently, complete with "zhoom" noises.
We also decided to get a Christmas picture shot. There's a cool tree in our neighborhood with a sideways fork in the trunk. I love these trees, and thought we should use it if possible.
All of the boys were game. Baby Plum couldn't stop watching Cheese Puff.
I really like the detail of these pictures.
More sweet Cheese Puff expressions. Here's mischievous boy. He thought it was funny to try and jump off of the couch and watch my reaction.
I'm sorry for trying to jump off the couch Mommy.
Like my socks that don't match my outfit? Let's get them in the picture.

I'm not a techno person, and don't have to have the latest and greatest of most gadget-y things. But these pictures are pretty amazing compared to our normal quality. But I'm also not a person who would carry around a fancy camera with lens. I barely remember to bring along our little point-and- shoot digital camera. And the older boys can't keep their hands off our current camera. I would hate to have a fancy camera that they might (will) destroy. These pictures are a nice treat.