Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Standing up and moving on

Sweet Cheese Puff is a baby on the move these days.
He first pulled up on our step stool in the kitchen. His big brothers were so sweet. Little Elvis was on his hands and knees congratulating Cheese Puff, and telling him how proud he was of him. Baby Plum was parroting everything his big brother said. Cheese Puff was very praised for this accomplishment.
He's taken to crawling while holding his juice cup between his teeth. I didn't catch that super cute action, but he's cute here, too. Look at those baby blues!
He pulled up on the ottoman, but lost his balance by the time my camera was ready.
All of that pulling up and crawling wore a baby out. This NEVER happens. Ever. This baby thinks his mommy should nurse him to sleep, or his daddy should sway him to sleep. Those shoes? So cute, right? They are no more. He lost one on one of our errands today. I'm so frustrated with myself over this. I try very hard to save us money, and anytime I feel like it's been wasted, I get mad at myself. The shoes were a little big, and he'd kicked one off the day before. I should have put him in thicker socks, paid more attention, or just not let him wear them. I've bid on some on ebay, but doubt that I'll get them. Old Navy has some, but they aren't as nice as the one he lost. Grr. The good news that I haven't gotten him any Christmas presents yet, so he will now have something in his stocking. Any crafty ideas for one little shoe?
I know the video is grainy, but I got this of him crawling at church. His older brothers were singing in the choir that morning. I wasted all of the batteries in the camera on this video. Sorry about that, Little Elvis and Baby Plum. Little Elvis got to hold an 'E' up, and Baby Plum held his shirt up through most of the performance. It was cute.


Blogger mpotter said...

ohmigoodness! sleeping in the highchair. how funny.

The Mr. and i had waited for random sleep pictures.... alas they never came. so glad you got a cool one.

sorry about the shoe!

11:50 PM  
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