Sunday, December 02, 2012

Stickers and great pictures

What do you when you get a whole lot of stickers, and you need a place to stick them?
You put them on Mommy's hands while she nurses your baby brother, of course. Baby Plum still loves stickers, he just likes to share the wealth more now. Instead of putting them all in the same place on his chest, he puts them on my feet or hands.
We tried to make candied apples with my mom before Thanksgiving. We didn't have a candy thermometer, and weren't sure what the "soft ball" stage of caramel was. I'm surprised that Little Elvis and Baby Plum still have their baby teeth, and that we still have our fillings. Baby Plum has a mouth full of the "caramel" substance we made. He gave up on it. Little Elvis peeled the caramel off so he could eat the apple, which is his current favorite fruit.

Cheese Puff was lucky that he wasn't allowed to eat the caramel apples. He was happy to watch us struggle.

Then, he was just super cute. He's really into clapping these days.
Smiling sweetly. He's a super sweet little baby.


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