Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Typical afternoon

Here are some pictures from a typical afternoon at our house.
Cheese Puff happily jumping in his doorway jumper... for about 5 minutes. Usually, his big brothers jump around him.  But not when I break out the camera. Oh well.
What will they do for the camera? Pose with yogurt. I think he would make a great spokesperson, even with his latest haircut by mommy. I got some advice from actual beauticians, and it's better. I'll figure it out at some point, hopefully before time for senior pictures.
So, this was funny. Little Elvis accidentally colored on his pants at school. He decided to take them off when he got home. In our house, if Little Elvis does something, so does Baby Plum.

Baby Plum took off his pants, and put on a new pair. Only he put them on backwards.
He was rolling a car around on all fours with what looked like a tail.
Not only that, he also put his shoes on the wrong feet. It was so cute, and so Baby Plum at this point in time.

His haircut is growing on me. I think because it's grown out just a little bit. 

Oh, and Little Elvis got an honorable mention for the storyboard/bookfair thing. His teacher wasn't sure why his medal had 2nd place on it. No biggie. As long as Little Elvis is happy.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Little Elvis, big winner

Last week, Little Elvis entered a reading fair contest at his school. He had to make a storyboard about a book. We decided to enter the family category, but I wanted him to do most of the work. He did, and he did a great job. I forgot to take a picture, though.
I didn't tell him it was a competition, because I figured the other family entrants would have much more parent "involvement." He found out, and the day before the competition he said that we wouldn't love him anymore if he lost. I tried to explain to him that we were just happy that he wanted to do it, and that he worked so hard on it. Bob said he was like that as a child.
When I picked him up on the day of the reading fair, he came running out to the car to tell him that he had the best story board in the history of storyboards. He didn't have any notes saying he won, so I figured he didn't, but that they led him to believe that. Fine with me.

The next week he came out to the car with a medal that said 2nd place and a ribbon that said Honorable Mention. I assumed he made 2nd place. He had a goody bag, and said they took his picture. Then, the newsletter came out, and his name was not listed as the 2nd place winner. So, we're really confused. But Little Elvis is happy.
He came out to the car this Friday with more big news. He won the student of the week again. He got a coupon for a free treat. And, his little brother let him sing into the microphone.
Today, we went to a celebration at our local children's museum. The boys had a great time. They were behaving, so we asked if they would like to participate in the singing competition.

Of course they did. Little Elvis went first, because he was very excited about this opportunity for attention. Baby Plum didn't have his guitar, so he just stood silently behind his brother. Little Elvis sang an original song called, "Super America Saves the World." It's the theme song to his movie that we shot over the Christmas break. The movie will debut at his birthday party, and then we'll have a second showing for his class at school on his birthday.

They did a great job. And they won 3rd place! That was pretty impressive for a little boy who just walked right in and decided to perform.

Now, I know that I'm his mother, but he did the best. He knew all of the words (although no one else did) and he did a great job singing a capella. He even broke out some cool dance steps towards the end.

They had a 3 judge panel, and they praised his excitement, energy, dance steps, and his silent, but supportive brother.

For just a split second, we thought Baby Plum was going to sing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse jingle. He said he was going to sing Mickey Mouse, but then he didn't.

Bob got cell phone video of this, and we're going to try to get a cord so we can upload it.
Cheese Puff also enjoyed the singing competition. He jumped on my knees while we watched, and would sometimes clap along to the beat of the other kids' performances.

So, this was a big win week for Little Elvis. I'm also trying to get a small part in our church spring musical. It's for the older kids, but if none of them want to dress up as a lion, then he might get a chance. I'm not telling him, just in case.

Lazy mornings

Baby Plum, Cheese Puff and I like our lazy mornings. The ones where we don't have to leave the house fully dressed when it's too cold and early for us. We get to enjoy these most Thursdays, and to a small extent on Tuesdays.
Since it's so cold outside, I let them stay in their PJs most of the day. Baby Plum's wearing a new set of pajamas from my mom, with cool slipper socks that she also got him. Cheese Puff most likely peed out of his diaper onto his blanket sleeper, or was a messy breakfast eater. He's out of his pajamas.
Most weeks, I make healthful muffins for Little Elvis' lunch. I try to find recipes with one fruit and one veggie (pumpkin, carrot or sweet potato) and wheat flour. Usually, I have to make 2 batches a week, because Baby Plum loves these muffins. He steals them and gets crumbles all over the floor. He's not sneaky about it, though.
He shared some with Cheese Puff. Baby Plum's getting to where he doesn't like to share, so it's great when he's generous.
Cheese Puff was a big fan. I believe these were chocolate banana muffins made with wheat flour. They didn't have any veggie, but they were really good.
This is another day. When I was sick, I put a bottle of adult cough medicine in the diaper bag for me to take when needed. I then forgot about it... until it came open and spilled all over the diaper bag. I pulled everything out and washed the bag. Cheese Puff thought this was the best game ever. He threw the small diaper bag things around, and then dug into his container of puffs.
This baby loves to feed himself. He's constantly frustrated with me feeding him these days. I think he's decided he's ready for table food. He loves feeding himself peas and very small cut soft carrots.
He also loves to pull up on his big brother. Cheese Puff's pulling up on lots of barely stable things these days, and doing a decent job of it. We have a big board book that can be made into a Jeep type of vehicle. Baby Plum likes to drive it, and Cheese Puff did a good job pulling up on it the other day.
Baby Plum also likes to feed Cheese Puff his puffs. He would put them on the lid one at a time.
They are "fighting" a little bit these days, but they seem to really have a fun time together. Baby Plum likes to watch out for Cheese Puff. The big brother takes lots of stuff away from his baby, and tries to force other things on him.

The other day I was in the kitchen, and Cheese Puff tried to crawl out of the playroom to visit me. Baby Plum wanted him to stay in the playroom, and kept saying, "No, Cheese Puff. Stay in the playroom!" I went out to see what was going on. Baby Plum had grabbed the foot of Cheese Puff's blanket sleeper, and was dragging his little brother back into the playroom. Cheese Puff was sliding backwards on his tummy, and looked confused, but wasn't upset about it. I thought it was funny, but did stop Baby Plum. I wish I had a picture, but I was worried the Cheese Puff might get hurt.

On Friday, Baby Plum held up one of Little Elvis' Captain America action figures and said, "Captain America. This is Captain America, Cheese Puff. See? Captain America."

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Know your enemy?

I have had that Green Day song stuck in my head for about a week now. Why? Because Baby Plum and Little Elvis got to spend some of their Christmas money last weekend. Both spent more than they had, so hopefully Cheese Puff will get a chance to play with these toys when he's older, since he helped buy both of their toys.
Baby Plum got this cool electric guitar and microphone set. To me, he looks like Billy Joe Armstrong from Green Day when he strums his guitar and sings into his microphone. He carried the set all over the house at first, serenading us in whatever room he found us in. He likes "Old McDonald" and "Jingle Bells." But I've been humming "Know your enemy?" and now poor Bob has it stuck in his head, too. But trust me, he looks just like Billy Joe when he's strumming away on his guitar and yelling into his microphone!
Little Elvis bought a remote controlled moon that lights up their room at night. It can do all of the phases, although they both really like the full moon phase right now (more light.) He's into so much stuff right now. Astronomy, geography, superheroes, movies, just about anything.
Little Elvis also loves the guitar and microphone set. At least, he would love them. But Baby Plum has decided that sharing is not for him anymore.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Haircuts and sharing

Bob fixed my upside down picture issues. My mom sent me some super-cute photos, and although I fixed them in my computer, they went into Blogger upside down. I'm pretty sure it was operator error.
Baby Plum's new profile. I'm finally used to his new look. He's very happy with it. Everyone tells me he looks like a little boy now, which makes me sad. I wasn't making my baby look like a girl. At least in my opinion, he didn't look like a girl.

The director of his preschool told me yesterday that he had the sweetest little face. I think it's a lot easier to see his cuteness now that the blond curls are gone.
Little Elvis got an Innotab 2 from my parents. It was what he really wanted for Christmas. Here he is showing Cheese Puff how to use it. That's sweet. But usually he's not as into sharing.

But he and Baby Plum both LOVE Cheese Puff. The main fights these days are between my older two. Although, Cheese Puff does not appreciate it when Baby Plum takes "dangerous" toys away. Baby Plum is much more cautious than I am. I'm fine letting Cheese Puff play with a little play-dough container. It takes me 5 minutes to open those suckers with my nails. I seriously doubt Cheese Puff could open it. Baby Plum isn't so sure about that.
This is how the boys celebrated New Year's Eve. See how they are all in green? That was not planned, but it looks like it was. I'll take it. Look at the shiny, pretty, curly hair. Sigh.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fun outside

These pictures were taken this weekend, before the weather dropped below freezing. It's been raining since Sunday, and really cold here. The boys miss our backyard.
Cheese Puff really enjoyed his new bucket swing. Our old one (from Little Elvis' babyhood) deteriorated, and needed replacing. I like this one better. Obviously, sweet baby likes it.
My bigger boys bouncing with Daddy. We've discovered that duck-duck-goose is really fun on the trampoline. I'm not invited for the "superhero" games. They were possibly playing superhero here.
Cheese Puff isn't invited to play superhero, either. Thank goodness for his swing, because this baby loves being on the trampoline with his brothers. (I think it's the fact that we can't get all of the leaf bits off, and he thinks they are tasty.)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Sweet brothers

Our three sweet boys celebrating New Year's Eve with my parents. I felt a little better that evening, so we went out with friends.

 The day before, we took them to the zoo. Little Elvis and Baby Plum are posing with the reindeer, who were taking a much needed rest after their big trip on Christmas Eve.

I have two other pictures, but for some reason, they are uploading upside down. They are right side up in my folder. I'm not sure how I did that.

Some very cute quotes from the boys recently, that I've not gotten a chance to put up:

Little Elvis while I was looking at his schoolwork. I was trying to read what he'd written on a picture. He was in another room, but figured out what I was talking about. He said, "Oh that? I haven't copyrighted it yet. It's not ready."  He copyrights most of what he does these days. No lie. He's already hip to protecting his intellectual property.

He also writes letters, lots of letters. He's written to Baby Plum about leaving his stuff alone. He's written to Gram and Coachpa about driving safely. He's written to Captain America about how much he (Little Elvis) loves Captain America, his other toys, his parents and his brothers. He signs all of his letters with "Love, Little Elvis."

Baby Plum has moments where he's just chatty. Last week, he got into the car after pre-school, and narrated our entire drive home.

Baby Plum: "Look Mommy!"
Me: "What? CVS?"
BP: "Yes! CBS! Are we going to go in there?"
Me: "No. No good deals that I know of today."
BP: "Look Mommy!"
Me: "The Coca-Cola truck?"
BP: "Yes. The Coca-Cola truck."
Me: "Good eyes. I love Coke."
BP: "Look Mommy!.... Look Mommy!... Look Mommy!!" I was driving, but I think he was pointing out various restaurants and random buildings.
BP: "Look Mommy!"
Me: "The Bonanza?"
BP: "Yes. We can't go there. You don't have a coupon."
Me: "That's right. I don't. We can't go there."

I have never been to a Bonanza, so neither have my children. I don't even know if they do coupons. But Baby Plum knows his cheap mommy. I think it's funny that most of our car conversations revolve around food. Since that little trip, he's been obsessed with going to Chuck E. Cheese. That's all he talked about on Friday. We're going for Little Elvis' birthday. That day can't come soon enough for Baby Plum.

Some firsts

Cheese Puff's on a roll. He's a very confident crawler at this point, and pulls up on anything and everything.
He can crawl the length of our house -- usually while crying for me the entire time.
He's into everything. He fell headfirst into the cat area last week, and still has a little bump to prove it.
He's cutting 2 more top teeth.
I still have issues getting close up shots of his pretty blue eyes, which are still blue! I talked to my aunt about this yesterday, and she said one of my cousin's eyes didn't change until he was in the first grade. We're not sure if there are blue eyes on Bob's side, or how far back you have to go to find them. For me, it's my grandfathers. So, his great-grandfathers.
I love to watch him pull up on walls and doors. He's getting so good at this type of pulling up.

And he wants to feed himself. I give him finger foods, but I think he'd like to feed himself his jarred foods as well. We've gotten him some of those little pouches, and he loves them! I do, too. He pretty much feeds himself, and it's not very messy. I'm a huge fan, and wish I'd discovered them with Little Elvis and Baby Plum.

Cheese Puff is also waving. I have to get video, because he does the "pageant" wave. It's very cute. Not only is he waving, he's saying "dye-dye" while doing it. I'm not sure that he knows what bye-bye means, but he's happy to wave at people, and say "dye-dye." He also says what sounds like, "Hi" while waving sometimes.

It's kind of shocking to be talking about him possibly talking at 10 months. Little Elvis didn't really try to talk until he was almost 2, and Baby Plum didn't start until he was closer to 2 and a half.

It's late right now, and I'm just now getting online. He's having big problems with his teeth, so Bob is holding him while he sometimes looks at me and cries. Poor little Cheese Puff.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Getting better

So, normally I would be posting more. But I haven't felt up to it. I got sick on Christmas Eve, and then didn't really get better. It was much worse this weekend, but now I just have a sore throat.

Why didn't I get better more quickly?
This is how my 'nurses' healed me. They saw me lying down on the couch, covered in a blanket, with a stuffed animal for a pillow, and they pounced.
Ok, so Little Elvis and Baby Plum pounced. Cheese Puff crawled up to me, pulled up on the couch, and demanded to join in the fun.
They didn't let me have too much alone time. When I'm sick, that's what I want. They even had to come have conversations and use the bathroom (I am serious!) while I took hot baths.

We're fairly certain I had the flu, and seeing how they liked to join me in my sickness, we are very lucky that everyone else has been symptom-free.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Baby Plum's new do

See this beautiful boy?
With the beautiful blond curls?
They are gone.
He was ready to look like his older brother.
He's so, so proud of his cool new boy cut. Little Elvis says they're twins now.

The night that he got his hair cut, he had bad nightmares and had to sleep with us. He's not sleeping super well. And he's been acting out. He refuses to listen anymore. Coincidence? I think not. My dad (aka the person behind this haircut) says I'm being silly.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Very frustrated

At this point, I get online about every one to two days. That means that I really like to utilize my time online. I can't do that when Blogger won't let me upload my pictures.