Saturday, January 19, 2013

Know your enemy?

I have had that Green Day song stuck in my head for about a week now. Why? Because Baby Plum and Little Elvis got to spend some of their Christmas money last weekend. Both spent more than they had, so hopefully Cheese Puff will get a chance to play with these toys when he's older, since he helped buy both of their toys.
Baby Plum got this cool electric guitar and microphone set. To me, he looks like Billy Joe Armstrong from Green Day when he strums his guitar and sings into his microphone. He carried the set all over the house at first, serenading us in whatever room he found us in. He likes "Old McDonald" and "Jingle Bells." But I've been humming "Know your enemy?" and now poor Bob has it stuck in his head, too. But trust me, he looks just like Billy Joe when he's strumming away on his guitar and yelling into his microphone!
Little Elvis bought a remote controlled moon that lights up their room at night. It can do all of the phases, although they both really like the full moon phase right now (more light.) He's into so much stuff right now. Astronomy, geography, superheroes, movies, just about anything.
Little Elvis also loves the guitar and microphone set. At least, he would love them. But Baby Plum has decided that sharing is not for him anymore.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

The guitar and microphone set looks like so much fun. Hopefully, Little Elvis will get a chance to try them out, too!

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