Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lazy mornings

Baby Plum, Cheese Puff and I like our lazy mornings. The ones where we don't have to leave the house fully dressed when it's too cold and early for us. We get to enjoy these most Thursdays, and to a small extent on Tuesdays.
Since it's so cold outside, I let them stay in their PJs most of the day. Baby Plum's wearing a new set of pajamas from my mom, with cool slipper socks that she also got him. Cheese Puff most likely peed out of his diaper onto his blanket sleeper, or was a messy breakfast eater. He's out of his pajamas.
Most weeks, I make healthful muffins for Little Elvis' lunch. I try to find recipes with one fruit and one veggie (pumpkin, carrot or sweet potato) and wheat flour. Usually, I have to make 2 batches a week, because Baby Plum loves these muffins. He steals them and gets crumbles all over the floor. He's not sneaky about it, though.
He shared some with Cheese Puff. Baby Plum's getting to where he doesn't like to share, so it's great when he's generous.
Cheese Puff was a big fan. I believe these were chocolate banana muffins made with wheat flour. They didn't have any veggie, but they were really good.
This is another day. When I was sick, I put a bottle of adult cough medicine in the diaper bag for me to take when needed. I then forgot about it... until it came open and spilled all over the diaper bag. I pulled everything out and washed the bag. Cheese Puff thought this was the best game ever. He threw the small diaper bag things around, and then dug into his container of puffs.
This baby loves to feed himself. He's constantly frustrated with me feeding him these days. I think he's decided he's ready for table food. He loves feeding himself peas and very small cut soft carrots.
He also loves to pull up on his big brother. Cheese Puff's pulling up on lots of barely stable things these days, and doing a decent job of it. We have a big board book that can be made into a Jeep type of vehicle. Baby Plum likes to drive it, and Cheese Puff did a good job pulling up on it the other day.
Baby Plum also likes to feed Cheese Puff his puffs. He would put them on the lid one at a time.
They are "fighting" a little bit these days, but they seem to really have a fun time together. Baby Plum likes to watch out for Cheese Puff. The big brother takes lots of stuff away from his baby, and tries to force other things on him.

The other day I was in the kitchen, and Cheese Puff tried to crawl out of the playroom to visit me. Baby Plum wanted him to stay in the playroom, and kept saying, "No, Cheese Puff. Stay in the playroom!" I went out to see what was going on. Baby Plum had grabbed the foot of Cheese Puff's blanket sleeper, and was dragging his little brother back into the playroom. Cheese Puff was sliding backwards on his tummy, and looked confused, but wasn't upset about it. I thought it was funny, but did stop Baby Plum. I wish I had a picture, but I was worried the Cheese Puff might get hurt.

On Friday, Baby Plum held up one of Little Elvis' Captain America action figures and said, "Captain America. This is Captain America, Cheese Puff. See? Captain America."


Blogger mpotter said...

man, i miss those lazy days!
now if we have a lazy day, it usually ends up to be frustrating/boring. i guess b/c she's older now.

i'd love some of your muffin recipes! i'll have to email you one that i have yet to try.

6:57 PM  
Blogger Ann Wyse said...

I'm impressed by how much they are playing together! Very cool.

9:57 PM  

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