Monday, January 14, 2013

Some firsts

Cheese Puff's on a roll. He's a very confident crawler at this point, and pulls up on anything and everything.
He can crawl the length of our house -- usually while crying for me the entire time.
He's into everything. He fell headfirst into the cat area last week, and still has a little bump to prove it.
He's cutting 2 more top teeth.
I still have issues getting close up shots of his pretty blue eyes, which are still blue! I talked to my aunt about this yesterday, and she said one of my cousin's eyes didn't change until he was in the first grade. We're not sure if there are blue eyes on Bob's side, or how far back you have to go to find them. For me, it's my grandfathers. So, his great-grandfathers.
I love to watch him pull up on walls and doors. He's getting so good at this type of pulling up.

And he wants to feed himself. I give him finger foods, but I think he'd like to feed himself his jarred foods as well. We've gotten him some of those little pouches, and he loves them! I do, too. He pretty much feeds himself, and it's not very messy. I'm a huge fan, and wish I'd discovered them with Little Elvis and Baby Plum.

Cheese Puff is also waving. I have to get video, because he does the "pageant" wave. It's very cute. Not only is he waving, he's saying "dye-dye" while doing it. I'm not sure that he knows what bye-bye means, but he's happy to wave at people, and say "dye-dye." He also says what sounds like, "Hi" while waving sometimes.

It's kind of shocking to be talking about him possibly talking at 10 months. Little Elvis didn't really try to talk until he was almost 2, and Baby Plum didn't start until he was closer to 2 and a half.

It's late right now, and I'm just now getting online. He's having big problems with his teeth, so Bob is holding him while he sometimes looks at me and cries. Poor little Cheese Puff.