Monday, January 14, 2013

Sweet brothers

Our three sweet boys celebrating New Year's Eve with my parents. I felt a little better that evening, so we went out with friends.

 The day before, we took them to the zoo. Little Elvis and Baby Plum are posing with the reindeer, who were taking a much needed rest after their big trip on Christmas Eve.

I have two other pictures, but for some reason, they are uploading upside down. They are right side up in my folder. I'm not sure how I did that.

Some very cute quotes from the boys recently, that I've not gotten a chance to put up:

Little Elvis while I was looking at his schoolwork. I was trying to read what he'd written on a picture. He was in another room, but figured out what I was talking about. He said, "Oh that? I haven't copyrighted it yet. It's not ready."  He copyrights most of what he does these days. No lie. He's already hip to protecting his intellectual property.

He also writes letters, lots of letters. He's written to Baby Plum about leaving his stuff alone. He's written to Gram and Coachpa about driving safely. He's written to Captain America about how much he (Little Elvis) loves Captain America, his other toys, his parents and his brothers. He signs all of his letters with "Love, Little Elvis."

Baby Plum has moments where he's just chatty. Last week, he got into the car after pre-school, and narrated our entire drive home.

Baby Plum: "Look Mommy!"
Me: "What? CVS?"
BP: "Yes! CBS! Are we going to go in there?"
Me: "No. No good deals that I know of today."
BP: "Look Mommy!"
Me: "The Coca-Cola truck?"
BP: "Yes. The Coca-Cola truck."
Me: "Good eyes. I love Coke."
BP: "Look Mommy!.... Look Mommy!... Look Mommy!!" I was driving, but I think he was pointing out various restaurants and random buildings.
BP: "Look Mommy!"
Me: "The Bonanza?"
BP: "Yes. We can't go there. You don't have a coupon."
Me: "That's right. I don't. We can't go there."

I have never been to a Bonanza, so neither have my children. I don't even know if they do coupons. But Baby Plum knows his cheap mommy. I think it's funny that most of our car conversations revolve around food. Since that little trip, he's been obsessed with going to Chuck E. Cheese. That's all he talked about on Friday. We're going for Little Elvis' birthday. That day can't come soon enough for Baby Plum.


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