Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Typical afternoon

Here are some pictures from a typical afternoon at our house.
Cheese Puff happily jumping in his doorway jumper... for about 5 minutes. Usually, his big brothers jump around him.  But not when I break out the camera. Oh well.
What will they do for the camera? Pose with yogurt. I think he would make a great spokesperson, even with his latest haircut by mommy. I got some advice from actual beauticians, and it's better. I'll figure it out at some point, hopefully before time for senior pictures.
So, this was funny. Little Elvis accidentally colored on his pants at school. He decided to take them off when he got home. In our house, if Little Elvis does something, so does Baby Plum.

Baby Plum took off his pants, and put on a new pair. Only he put them on backwards.
He was rolling a car around on all fours with what looked like a tail.
Not only that, he also put his shoes on the wrong feet. It was so cute, and so Baby Plum at this point in time.

His haircut is growing on me. I think because it's grown out just a little bit. 

Oh, and Little Elvis got an honorable mention for the storyboard/bookfair thing. His teacher wasn't sure why his medal had 2nd place on it. No biggie. As long as Little Elvis is happy.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

The tail is funny! Did he notice it himself?

8:58 PM  

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