Tuesday, February 26, 2013


It's been a busy time of year around our house. So, I haven't put up our Pin the Shield on Captain America game. I could claim laziness, but really Little Elvis did something with it that I think is funny.
Does this make anyone else think of anything? It makes me think of that painting of the man in the derby hat with the green apple over his face. I did a search, and it's called The Son of Man.

Why else are we busy? We have another big upcoming birthday to celebrate! Dr. Seuss's birthday! They had a party at our mall, and all kids who dressed up got a free kids meal. Who likes to dress up for free meals? We do!
Baby Plum donned Little Elvis' old Cat in the Hat costume. Cheese Puff was Thing 1. And poor Little Elvis was stuck with the only other thing we could think of -- Sam I am. He's wearing one of Bob's yellow dress shirts, and I attempted to cover a baseball hat with red felt. Bob made the sign. It's by far the best part of the costume.
We saw one little girl with fins. I assume she was the fish. I think it was a better idea. Little Elvis was happy as Sam I am, though. And no one else dressed up as him.
Here is my little conquistador. He is the messiest eater. Especially if it's something that's chocolate. Instead of savoring every bite, and making sure it gets into his mouth, he just shoves it around his mouth, and hopes that some of it makes it in.