Saturday, February 23, 2013

My baby's 1!

Wow. My sweet, little bitty baby isn't really a little bitty baby anymore. He's a big 1-year-old. He's almost walking, says a few words, and is trying all sorts of new foods. He's a sweet, happy baby, who at times is very outgoing. At other times, he's not.
We had his birthday party on his actual birthday. We invited family over last night for pizza and birthday cake. This is Cheese Puff right before the party. He was mad at me. I'm not sure what I did, but it was obviously very bad.
This is him a couple of seconds later. I'm glad I was easily forgiven. He's wearing the same onesie that I painted for Little Elvis' first birthday. Baby Plum wore at his party, too.
I also made the same cake that I made for his brothers' parties. But I tried to give this one blue eyes in honor of our little blue-eyed boy.
Before his party began he ate a banana and a half. I also gave him a teddy bear shaped cookie. He helped Bob eat a pizza slice during the party. He was pretty full when we put his birthday cake in front of him.
"You want me to eat this, too?"
"Ha Ha! I shall destroy it and throw it all over the floor, just like I do with my other foods."
He did finally eat some of it. I think he liked the pizza better.
I managed to get a good close-up of the sweet birthday boy after he finished throwing cake all over the place.
I tried to get a long shot of him in just his onesie. See the band-aid? His mean mommy scheduled his 1-year doctor's appointment on his actual birthday. Little Elvis had his 6-year appointment as well. Fun times.
I believe his favorite present was the massive pack of diapers from Gram and Coachpa.
He also got a sweet, stuffed puppy; a cute outfit, socks and money. He seemed to have fun and enjoy his party, though he really didn't know what was going on.

What is this sweet boy like? He's a snuggly little baby. Both of his brothers were cuddlers. Baby Plum was more cuddly than Little Elvis, and Cheese Puff seems to be the cuddliest of all. He loves a good snuggle. He loves to give hugs, and will sometimes pat you on the back while hugging. He's most likely to do this when he's crying. I guess I pat his back when I'm comforting, so he pats back when he needs comforting.

He's not quite walking. He's super-fast at crawling, pulls to a stand on just about anything, and is cruising. I think he'll be walking soon. I finally got him to use the walking toy for walking a little bit this evening. He walks with one foot turned out. I forgot to ask the doctor yesterday. Hopefully, it will correct on it's own.

He is talking some! This is really surprising for us. Both of his brothers were such late talkers, that we didn't realize he was talking at first. He says bye-bye (while doing a pageant wave,) yeah and yay!, and duck. I think he's trying to say kitty-cat as well. He sometimes says, "kih-ka" when he sees one of the cats. He's also started saying Dada with regularity when he sees Bob. He will say Mama, but not as often.

He's a dancer, and he mimics lots of movements that he sees. He bobs his head, shakes his head, bounces his head, bounces his body, raises the roof, claps, waves both hands, etc. He just loves music, or anything with a beat. Baby Plum and I do "Just Kids Dance 2" on the Xbox most mornings. Cheese Puff will watch, and sometimes tries to do the hand motions. It's very, very cute.

On Friday morning, Little Elvis and Baby Plum started singing 50 Cent's birthday song. (I swear that I didn't teach them this. And they didn't get to the "sip Bacardi like it's your birthday.") Anyway, as they sang it, Cheese Puff started waving both hands at the same time, and swaying his head. It was so, so cute. And I didn't get it recorded, because we were headed out to pick up our carpool buddy, and I didn't have time. I tried to get him to dance to the song again, but it must have been a one time thing.

Cheese Puff likes his brothers. Baby Plum is kind of a bossy overlord to his baby brother most days. He doesn't want Cheese Puff to do anything, and fusses at him and me if he thinks Cheese Puff could hurt himself. Still, Cheese Puff loves to do stuff with Baby Plum. He likes to play games with us, help us do puzzles, dance, and clean house. But Cheese Puff doesn't like when we read books. That's our biggest battle during the weekdays. Cheese Puff tries to close the book, and Baby Plum gets indignant.

Little Elvis tries to dote on his baby brother, but his version of doting is to get into Cheese Puff's face. Little Elvis also loves to cry for Cheese Puff to fix his problems when he's in trouble. Cheese Puff doesn't always want Little Elvis in his face, so he's taken to pushing Little Elvis' face away. Today, we took the boys to play at the mall. Another little boy got into Cheese Puff's face. This boy was smaller than Baby Plum. I'm going to say the boy was 2-ish. Cheese Puff pushed the boy out of his face, and ended up knocking him over! He's already into self-preservation. Guess you have to be with 2 older brothers.

I know this is long, so one more little thing about our sweet little baby. Sometimes he's outgoing, and other times, he's shy. On Thursday, I took the two younger boys to the library for story time. After story time, we usually go to the children's section to read books. I saw a friend that I hadn't seen since I was pregnant with Cheese Puff. I stopped to talk to her and he immediately reached for her and gave her a big hug. He'd never seen her. I'm fairly certain that made her day (although I don't think Baby Plum was happy about it.) The very next day at his doctor's appointment, the nurse looked a lot like my friend. Cheese Puff refused to go to her to be weighed. He bawled.. I can't blame the doctor's office, because he was fine for the actual appointment. He's never liked being weighed. He gets that from me.

We love this little boy. I asked him all last week what would I do now that my baby was a big boy? He would just smile at me. I keep telling him that he will always be my baby.

I plan to do a music video montage for him, but am still trying to think of a good song.


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happy birthday, cheesepuff!

such a sweet post; you'll love to look back on this and see about your little man!

so glad it was a great day.

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