Saturday, February 16, 2013


Routines. Those things are nice. We don't really have a good one right now. I'm pretty sure it's my fault, but I choose to blame teething, sickness, and birthday stuff.

Since our routines are all out of whack, I never get a chance to get online. Well. I did for 10 minutes on Tuesday afternoon. It was Take Your Wife's Cell Phone to Work Day. I'm fairly certain that my cell phone had a much better time with Bob. The ringer was on silent, but he probably kept it in the same place every day, while I spend a good part of my every day searching for it.
This is what happens when your older brother decides you should get up at 2 in the morning.
Too bad your younger brother got a good night's sleep. Cheese Puff really wanted to play with Baby Plum the morning after his big stay-up-all-night shindig with Little Elvis.
This is Cheese Puff's squinchy face. He does it all of the time. Instead of smiling at strangers, he now squinchies at them. Most have no idea how to react.
Especially when he really gets into it! These pictures were taken after he threw up everywhere last week. It affected me a whole lot more than it affected him. I finally got us into the doctor's office. A cough isn't enough to get you in. Neither is a cough that makes you throw up two nights in a row. But a swollen throat is. Turns out he had an ear infection.
Even with the ear infection, he's usually in pretty good spirits. Except at night, when he wants to nurse all night long.
This little guy also had an ear infection. But they didn't want to treat it. I completely understand about the anti-bacterial resistance. But they tried to test his hearing on Tuesday and couldn't. They said his ears were too clogged. We went back to the doctor. He had a minor ear infection, and she doesn't think  it had anything to do with the hearing test issues. I think she thought it was operator error. I will keep that bit of info to myself. So, Baby Plum is also on antibiotics.
This sweet boy tried out for his first play last weekend. It's a children's play. He did a good job. He was loud, cute and memorable. And he got a part! He will be Icky the Dwarf. I think he's excited. I can't really tell. He loved auditioning. I think he'll enjoy having an audience. I'm concerned that he may not want to get off of the stage once he's said his lines.
Not only is Baby Plum dealing with his ear pain, he's also been dealing with Middle-itis. That's what I'm calling it. Little Elvis got tons of attention last week and this Monday (his actual birthday,) and Cheese Puff gets tons because he's a cute baby. I think Baby Plum felt slighted this week. I've been trying to do a better job making sure that he knows he's loved and important. His current favorite activities are puzzles (the harder kind,) search and find books and the "dance" game on the Xbox. He likes the "5 little monkeys" song right now. And he's really impressing me with his puzzle-doing ability.

He's also more shy in school than I realized. His speech therapist observed him in his class last week. She said he didn't really talk. He smiles, he plays (with the more low-key kids) and has a good time. But he's really shy.

This Tuesday, the day my cell phone got a break from us (Baby Plum and Cheese Puff aren't easy on phones,) we had some friends over. Baby Plum and one of the little girls from our neighborhood had a great time playing together. Usually, they only play a little together. But they had a big time getting into stuff on Tuesday. It was fun to see him play like that with someone other than Little Elvis.

I think I've caught us up from last week. Now, to get myself working on some routines.


Blogger mpotter said...

oh man. what a week!
do hope all your little men get to feeling better soon.

at least you were able to capture some really great pictures!

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