Sunday, February 10, 2013

Super America's Super 6th birthday party!

Little Elvis had his 6th birthday party this afternoon. He invited 6 friends and 4 showed up. If you throw in 2 little brothers, that's 6 boys. He was happy.
He wore his birthday present. It's his very own Super America outfit. It's not perfect (I don't think I can do anything perfect) but he truly loves it. That makes me happy. Cheese Puff is in the background helping us try to get Little Elvis to give us a real smile.
My cousin came over and drew the star on Little Elvis' Super America birthday cake.
Here's a shot of it while we were singing 'Happy Birthday.'
Here he is closing his eyes and making a wish. If the wish is the same as it was last night, then he's wishing for us to build him a tree house. See Baby Plum in the background? He kind of hid at the beginning of the party, but when kids he knew showed up, he was happy to play with them.
I had a hard time getting the camera to just take the picture, but when it did, the timing was good. His little cheeks are puffed out!

We debuted Little Elvis' first movie at this party. So it was a super hero/worldwide movie debut party. The movie was a big hit with his friends. They laughed and wanted to watch it several times. He stood up after the first viewing and offered to answer questions. Seriously. I have no idea how he knew to do that.

We will put the movie up tomorrow. It's 1 minute, and very watchable. I've seen it dozens of times, and still enjoy it.

We also played pin the shield on Captain America. I'll have to get a picture of that. Bob and I drew it, and Little Elvis helped color it.

The boys got to eat popcorn, cake and drink Fizzy Rainbows. Those are what you get at the soda fountain if you get some of each flavor. Bob decided to call them fizzy rainbows, and Little Elvis loves them. He picked out the soda flavors. So the boys had fizzy rainbows made out of Sprite, orange, apple, grape and peach sodas.

Some of them helped him blow out his candles, and Baby Plum and at least one other helped him open his presents. He was fine with it. No fits during the party! Yay!

It was a true Little Elvis party. Definitely quirky. Definitely him.

And he's becoming more of our child every day. He loved his Mommy-made costume, and wishes more than anything for a Daddy-made tree house. Our baby likes our DIY-ness. At least at this point in his life.
Cheese Puff was a big, big fan of the birthday cake. I know he's not 1 yet, but he's close. (And he'd already tried icing at his 1-year-old pictures on Monday. I did them early to get a free picture. He loves icing.)


Blogger mpotter said...

WOW. six??? unbelievable to know i've been following you for that long!
it definitely does sound SUPER.

kudos for a successful party and a great kid.

1:16 PM  
Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Happy Birthday, Little Elvis!

Sounds like a great birthday! I'm looking forward to the internet debut of his first movie. :)

6:15 PM  

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