Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Three very different boys

We had talks with Little Elvis recently, and he was adamant that he wanted to play t-ball. Despite the not-so-fun soccer attempt last year, we took him at his word that he would practice.

Most sports things don't come easily to him. I'm not saying he couldn't be good at sports, but he's going to have to work at it. He is like his mommy. He doesn't want to work at sports. But he is. Begrudgingly.
My parents got him a cool bat for his birthday, and here he is practicing hitting with it. My parents took him and Baby Plum to a gym to practice. Oddly, Baby Plum wants nothing to do with baseball when we're trying to work with Little Elvis.
My parents said Baby Plum didn't even want to climb on the wall when they were playing the other day. Little Elvis did. I like the action shot. He is getting more athletic. He just doesn't realize it.
While this little boy isn't interested in helping his brother learn to catch, throw and hit, he is still really into Cookie Monster. He's also into helping me. He's been pitching fits recently when Little Elvis helps me first. It dawned on me last night that Baby Plum is my "helper." Little Elvis' new found helfpulness is taking away part of Baby Plum's identity. (I am in no way trained in this, and am possibly very wrong.) Today, I made sure that Baby Plum helped me everywhere we went. He was very happy about that.
This sweet baby is almost no longer a technical baby. His first birthday is Friday. He is getting so big. He's started reaching for other people recently. It's been to play his "Grass is greener" game. That's where he wants to be passed back and forth between people. He really loves this game. He will also sometimes reach for someone while I'm holding him, and then hug me tighter. He's a tease.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Oh my goodness! Cheese Puff is almost 1 - tomorrow! - how did that happen????

Noah did T ball last spring and he spent a lot of time just standing around and waiting. Maybe it's the perfect sport for the less athletic? This year he'll only do it if I promise that we call it baseball AND he doesn't want to use the T to hit the ball. Scary: because he can't even hit the ball on the T, nevermind mid-air. Oh well. I guess if that's what he wants.....?

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