Friday, March 15, 2013

Cheese Puff sicky

For the most part, we think our two older boys are better. Kind of. We decided to take a little trip to the big city yesterday. Baby Plum got sick at a restaurant. Cheese Puff got sick at the hotel. But then they were fine.

I think Baby Plum was trying to prove he didn't like black beans, and it just kind of got away from him. But Cheese Puff wasn't. We've called the doctor. He's been getting sick every night at about the same time since Sunday. He's fine. Then he's sick. Then he's fine. He's eating foods that he's been eating for a while. Typically, these episodes happen during nursing.

Could I suddenly be making him sick? We're in the weaning process.

The doctor said it could be acid reflux. He's been really stuffy, so it could also be mucus. She also said it could be left over virus stuff.

Last night, he decided he didn't want to drink anything. All day today, we tried to get him to drink, and he barely did. Finally, he did drink a little this evening. And right before he gets sick, his little tummy gets so tight.

Today, he threw up at Sam's this afternoon. He had just eaten a strawberry. Then he threw up twice this evening.

I'm starting to get worried. The doctor said to call back on Monday if he was still not doing well, but I may not be able to wait that long. Oh, I hope the sickness is over.