Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter fun

The boys are liking Easter. The candy is fun. Hunting for eggs is fun. And they even enjoyed coloring some the other night.
We boiled 7 and did 4 colors. They picked the colors, and then attempted to do the coloring. Baby Plum's chocolate goatee? He went to a birthday party that afternoon, and really enjoyed the goody bag on the way home.
They had hand painting at the party, and he picked Cookie Monster. Naturally.
His pre-school had its Easter Party this morning. They had a bouncy castle.
He only went down the slide twice -- standing in line isn't his strong suit. But he had a blast when he did. I had a devil of a time getting him going down the slide. I'd watch him get close to the little ladder, and run around to watch him slide, only to see every other kid slide. He would forget, and get out of line. Silly boy. He seemed to play with one boy a little bit, which was cute. His teacher said he's talking more in class, and isn't as shy as we thought. I think he just has to warm up to people and places.
Cheese Puff couldn't get in the bouncy castle. I was worried the older kids would hurt him. He did pick another mom to hold him. He just reached for her, and was thrilled to be held by someone else. Thankfully, her daughter didn't mind. Some of my friends have kids that get jealous when they hold Cheese Puff.
Baby Plum hunting for Easter Eggs.
He was happy to share the wealth with Cheese Puff. He gave Cheese Puff a chocolate kiss.
I think our little Kissy-face has a new favorite type of kiss.
Cheese Puff knew who his brother was at the eating part of the party. He sidled right up to Baby Plum's side....
and stole some Goldfish. Baby Plum was fine with it. I'm glad Cheese Puff only took from Baby Plum.
The teacher got an extra cookie out for my little snack thief. She was going to get him more, but I told her that a cookie should be plenty. It was Cheese Puff's first iced cookie, too. I think he's going to be a big fan of class parties from now on.  Which is good, because we have Little Elvis' party tomorrow.

I know this is a lot of pictures for a pre-school party, but I was feeling guilty. Our church had its Easter hunt on Sunday, and I forgot our camera.


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