Friday, March 29, 2013

Growing baby

Poor Cheese Puff. I tried to put away all of our winter clothes two weeks ago, because it was pretty that day. I had a bag of slightly outgrown winter clothes for him, and it was easier to get into. Around the house, he's been wearing clothes that really don't fit. He doesn't seem to mind.

When going out, he has three outfits I've dug out.

His brothers are in the same boat. They've been wearing the 3-4 long sleeved tees I left out.

I guess I won't switch clothes out so early next year.

Cheese Puff's getting sick again. I fed him spaghetti for lunch yesterday. Bob doesn't think that's it, because he's eaten other tomato-y things this week. He was very tired, because he only wanted to sleep on me, and I wanted him to sleep in his bed. But that's kind of most days. We battle him sleeping by himself a lot, and my will falters when he's throwing up. He's still coughing, although he wasn't yesterday when he got sick. Twice, the boys had to tell me he had thrown up somewhere, because I didn't even realize he had -- one of those times I was holding him, and it was on both of us.

I called the doctor back, and spoke to a different nurse. He's now got an appointment for Monday. I am almost certain it's another ear infection. He was treated for one right before he turned one. At his one year check up, it wasn't fully gone. I think it's come back. Maybe that's the cause of all of his problems. That, or he's got a very easy to trigger gag reflex.

Yesterday, before he got sick, we went to Little Elvis' egg  hunt. I forgot my camera. I've got some cute cell phone pictures, but can't upload them yet. Cheese Puff was in his stroller, and was so patient with all the little boys getting in his face, and talking with him. Baby Plum wasn't sure what to do with himself, and he kept hugging and trying to lay on Cheese Puff. Sometimes, he'd try to sit in Cheese Puff's lap. Cheese Puff was fine through all of it -- very mellow.


Blogger mpotter said...

oh no!!!
i hope he gets to feeling better (and sleeping!) SOON.

happy easter!!

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