Tuesday, March 26, 2013


It's been several days since sweet little Cheese Puff has thrown up. Not quite a week. But we're thrilled that he hasn't gotten sick since Thursday.
Not only that, his little appetite has come back. We've gone back to feeding him 3rd food jars. He doesn't like table food.
This is also the look that we get when we tried to feed him any type of dairy. So far, he's not a fan. Not a fan at all. We've tried whole and 2% milk, greek yogurt, baby yogurt, cheese, smoothies, etc. He's not having any of it. I read somewhere that babies have to try something 22 times before they accept it. He LOVES sweet potatoes, though.
Does he look like anyone here? This little expression with the chubby cheeks and mischievous grin makes me think of Baby Plum.
This isn't the best picture. I need to find one of a 13 month old Baby Plum. But it's late. I'm tired.
What a funny shot. They both look confused and skeptical.

I feel like that sometimes. Maybe more confused. I don't know which boy looks more like the other. At this point, I think Cheese Puff looks more like Little Elvis. But I'm not positive. My grandmother says that none of the boys look alike at all. But once we cut Baby Plum's hair, lots of people thought he looked just like Little Elvis.

Little Elvis' speech teacher thinks Cheese Puff looks like Little Elvis. Baby Plum's speech teacher thinks Cheese Puff looks just like Baby Plum. The director of the speech place thinks they all look just alike.
Can you believe they went to school in short sleeves last week? It snowed some last night. Maybe 2 minutes worth. Anyway, I know they don't look just alike. But they do have the same hair color, same eye color (the oldest 2) and same nose (all of them.) They're also all pretty sweet, though in very different ways.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Sometimes I wonder if people think M and N look alike because they have some of the same mannerisms - which is not to say they have similar personalities - more like, they might adopt the same way of laughing at something. (M, of course, learns them from N, and N gets them from...?)

I'm glad to hear Cheese Puff is getting better!

10:27 PM  

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