Saturday, March 16, 2013

Little Puzzler

Baby Plum's blog nickname should be changed to Baby Puzzler, or the Puzzler.
He loves puzzles. His current favorite is a Cars puzzle we bought him for his birthday. It's hard! I typically do the border for him, and then he fills in the other pieces. Although he's perfectly capable of doing the border on his own. I think he wants me to feel useful.
I'm of more use holding off the hounds while he does his puzzle. Cheese Puff is a puzzle destroyer. He loves to take apart Baby Plum's puzzles. Truly loves it. So, I try to keep him at bay while Baby Plum works his magic.
Here he is with the finished product! He's gotten pretty fast at this puzzle, which I really do think is difficult.
Once Baby Plum is done with his puzzle, he's happy to let Little Blue Eyes work his magic tearing up the masterpiece. I'm so glad that he doesn't mind. They usually tear up the puzzle together...
And Baby Plum moves onto his next project that I have to keep Cheese Puff away from. This is some crazy Cat in the Hat game that's supposed to be kind of like Twister. It's a confusing mess. Baby Plum likes to match the items to the letters, which is a much better option. It takes longer, so I have to really work to keep Cheese Puff away.