Sunday, March 03, 2013

Sweet brothers

What do you wear on a regular Tuesday afternoon?
In our house, you wear your Super America costume, or your Cat in the Hat bowtie and tail. (Baby Plum doesn't like the Cat in the Hat hat.)
Baby Plum does like playing with Cheese Puff.... some of the time. They love playing with the garage together. They were so sweet, and were completely ignoring me.
Until I brought out the camera, and distracted Cheese Puff.
They decided to play with the garage from the couch. Here, Cheese Puff has grabbed a plastic walkie-talkie of Little Elvis'. It's plastic, and does nothing. Here, Baby Plum is taking it away from Cheese Puff, saying, "No. This is Little Elvis' phone." Baby Plum likes to tempt Cheese Puff with Little Elvis' things, and then scold him for playing with them.


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