Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Sweet pictures

Some sweet pictures of two of our sweet boys. I need to do a better job taking pictures. Baby Plum giving me a sweet smile. He fights me on going to school on the mornings he goes. But he always happily gets out of the car when we get there, and he's always happy when I pick him up.

He's back into doing our dancing game in the mornings. And is still really into his puzzles.
This little guy must be teething. Oh, I hope he is. He had a fever the other day, and today he pitched some huge fits. I took pictures.
He didn't want to be held. He didn't want to not be held.
He wanted to eat, but then he would just spit out whatever we handed him. Poor, sweet baby. He was happy this morning, but some switch flipped around 1 this afternoon. Do you like how the cat is checking on him? Slappy has always hated it when the boys cry. She doesn't understand why I don't always stop their cries. 


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