Friday, March 22, 2013

The baby tries it out as an only

This is major backlog picture catch up. I've not logged onto my computer recently, and it's what I use to do pictures.

On the very first day of Spring Break -- the first Friday -- Bob took the older two boys to listen to a guy talk about gravity and astronomy.

That left me with Cheese Puff. My parents took us out to eat, and he had a blast at the restaurant. He's becoming quite the little flirt.
He's really into blowing kisses these days. And just kissing in general. Bob and I get lots and lots of kisses everyday. Little Elvis is a big kisser, but Cheese Puff looks like he'll be an even bigger kisser.
He wanted to try my ice water. It was a little too cold. But he kept taking more sips, just to make sure he didn't like it. His pregnancy was the only one where I didn't want to eat ice all of the time. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. His brothers both like my super-iced water.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

The ice water face is so cute! We've had some similar experiences with lemon around here.

9:46 PM  

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