Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mornings around here

What do we do with our mornings around here?
Baby Plum likes to roam the open prairie of the play room on his trusty steed Russell.
He's usually happy to stop for a spell with his sidekick Cheese Puff.
Some mornings he opts to drive the sewing machine table around the living room, just to spice up his routine.
Little Elvis and Pandy, aka Super Panda, do some heroic deeds waiting to be picked up for carpool.
Cheese Puff likes to help Baby Plum drive, but I can never get pictures of this. Cheese Puff sees the camera and has to pose. He's faster than our camera.
Once Little Elvis is gone, Cheese Puff and Baby Plum take turns showing me random toys that they've picked up and claimed as their favorite... for those two minutes.
Cookie Monster was Baby Plum's Christmas present from Santa. It was so cute when Cheese Puff discovered this toy in Baby Plum's sheets. He loved chewing on the big plastic eyes.
I almost caught him driving. Maybe he's worried that he's too young to legally drive a sewing machine table. You may technically have to be three for that milestone. Why is he in shorts? He can take off his cloth diapers. They stay on if he's got something covering them.
Finally, Baby Plum has to hug Froggy for the camera. Yes, Captain America is still hanging up. It's kind of become like an extra piece of art on our walls at this point. I really should take it down.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ball boys

Little Elvis' baseball games have started. We had talks before he started, and he swore he would practice. He's not really enjoyed this practice stuff. Baby Plum has also decided he doesn't like when Little Elvis practices. But Cheese Puff? He loves sports. At least he loves playing with baseballs and footballs.
The other morning, my two youngest were playing football.
When I got the camera out, they kind of stopped.
I tried to get them to re-enact their game. But they were more interested in the camera by then. Cheese Puff says "ball" really well. He loves to throw them all the time. Hopefully practice won't be such an ordeal with him.
Here's Little Elvis at his first game. At first, he would get out on the field and act like he'd never seen a ball, a bat or a base in his life. But last week something must have clicked for him. He's finally willing to practice at batting, and he's even making contact some now. At their practice on Thursday, the coach and other parents were shocked when he hit the ball. When he hit it at home that afternoon before practice, he said, "The crowd goes wild!" His little audience tried to appease him.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Big green chair

Little Elvis got a big green chair from my parents for his birthday. I showed him the chair at Wal-Mart, because I thought he would like it. He did, but Baby Plum loved it more. He tugged on my arm when I showed it to them, and said, "I want Little Elvis to get that for his birthday."

He did, and the rest of us have really enjoyed it. Especially his little brothers. These pictures were all taken in the last couple of weeks. The weather has been fluctuating a lot around here.
Baby Plum loves to lounge in the chair, and Cheese Puff can climb into it pretty well.
They are both saying "Cheese."
Cheese Puff doesn't always have a pacifier in his mouth, but he seems pretty happy when he discovers one around the house.
I'm not sure what they are doing. Knowing these two, Cheese Puff was probably "ducking" Baby Plum. That's where he hits someone on the head while saying "duck."
Back in summer clothes. Cheese Puff only has one shoe on, but he's hugging a lovey. He doesn't really have a favorite lovey, but he knows that I think it's cute when he hugs stuffed toys, and he's happy to do that for me.
Sweet brothers saying "Cheese!" again.

I completely understand their fascination with this chair. Both Bob and I think it's comfy. And it's also great to use for hide and seek. Especially when you turn it over.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Thee Ate Er Camp

I know, I've been writing about this play a lot. It's kind of consumed a lot of our time for the past 2 months. We all have the entire thing memorized, thanks to the CD that we've been listening to relentlessly. Even the little girl that carpools with us knows the songs, and has her favorites.

I think Little Elvis learned a lot from this play. He learned how to focus, and (kind of) keep that focus. He also learned how important it is to work at something. We've been trying to get him to practice baseball, and I think seeing how all the play practice paid off will help him see how important baseball practice is.

He also found out -- at least I did -- about all of the wonderful people in his life. He's got lots of love and support. My parents came. My grandmother came. My uncle, aunt and cousin came. Baby Plum's best friend and her mommy came. Little Elvis' teacher came. A friend from church, her daughter and grandson came. And today, Little Elvis' best friend from last year came! His mom brought him, and they sat by us. Little Elvis was so excited to see his best friend. And his friend was upset that he couldn't come back home and play with us.

Bob, Baby Plum, Cheese Puff and I came to every performance, although I was backstage for the first performance.

Not only that, Little Elvis' infectious zest for life has made him memorable for lots of people. The director told me he was a hit with lots of people in the audience.

This afternoon, before the performance, I decided on a lark to enter Little Elvis in a raffle for free admission to Theater Camp this summer. We weren't going to enroll him, because he's already doing two (free) camps without Baby Plum, and poor Baby Plum's been left out a lot with the play and baseball practice. But I entered him anyway. He won!

The women who did the drawing said, "Little Elvis! Yay!" Everyone was so excited for him, but he was backstage and had no idea.

After the show, we talked with his best friend, and I told him to go tell the director thanks for letting him be in the play. She's the one that told him about winning the theater camp admission.

He was so excited that he had to tell everybody that he won free "thee-ATE-er camp" admission. His little southern accent is very obvious with that word.

He also said, "I get to get a break from y'all this summer!" to me and Bob.

Little Elvis' big debut

Little Elvis' play has finally arrived! They are doing three performances this weekend. The first two are over.
Here he is the night of the first dress rehearsal. His character's name is Icky. He's one of Snow White's helpers.
His character was the one that had to keep the show on time. He carries a clipboard and points his finger.
He's channeling Mommy in the mornings.
Look at that face.
One of Baby Plum's friends and her mommy came to the opening night. They brought him a KitKat bouquet.
His teacher also came, and brought him a bag of Cheese Puffs! How sweet is that? He's a very lucky little boy.

He had lots of fans come on the first night. Granny came, and the name of the show is "The Granny Awards." It's like the show was made for her.

Tonight, one of our friends from church came with her daughter and grandson. I think they liked it. They were treated to a slightly distracted Little Elvis. We didn't realize he had a little bitty dinosaur with him. He took it onstage, and almost missed a cue because he was playing with it. We'll remember to keep him toy free tomorrow.
Baby Plum and Cheese Puff have been very happy to sit in the audience. They seem to really enjoy it.
 Cheese Puff saying, "Cheese!"

Baby Plum saying "Peanut butter!"

Tomorrow afternoon is the final production. We are all relieved. I know he's had fun, but it's been a lot of work. Tomorrow they are also having auditions for our community theater's summer play. We will not be auditioning. We all need a break. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

We're not as busy as we seem

I can't seem to get myself online these days, and when I do get online, it's not on my computer. Right now I'm on Bob's computer, so no cute pictures. I do have cute pictures. I just don't have a baby that likes to sleep in his bed. He's almost 14 months, and he hates his bed. When he wakes up and finds himself in that bed, he bawls.

Little Elvis' big play is this weekend. He's doing a great job. At first, we had some problems, but he understands what he's supposed to do now, and has been great. I have a picture of him in his costume and in character. It's cute. It's not on this computer.

Baby Plum is still chattering up a storm. He's funny. He's getting very sensitive around Little Elvis. And Little Elvis can be pretty mean. They have been fighting more this week. On Monday night, I went back to their bedroom because Baby Plum was bawling. I asked what was wrong, and he said that Little Elvis told him he was going to die. I told Little Elvis not to say that, and he said, "But he will die someday." That child.

Baby Plum takes his frustrations out on Cheese Puff. But he's physical. And sometimes, he's trying to help out his baby brother. He just does it in a way that hurts the baby.

And Cheese Puff is becoming a very outgoing, silly little boy. I have some video of him dancing. He's a big dancer, and huge copier. He repeats what we say, and do. He seems to know a dance step in Little Elvis' play. He definitely knows when to clap during the play. He says "Cheese" when I take his picture now. And when I put lotion on, he rubs his hands together as well. He's still not walking, but he's getting close. He doesn't like crawling on his bare knees. It's a good incentive.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Posing for pictures

Baby Plum is typically our laid back baby. But he has his moments. The picture below is one of them.
See the kind of pout on his little lips. I thought Little Elvis and Cheese Puff looked cute in this little window and told Baby Plum to get in there for a picture. Instead of getting in there, he did what I've been calling his Robert DeNiro pout and started whining. He does this. If he thinks Little Elvis is running off without him, he cries and yells for Little Elvis to stop. Running to catch up with his brother would be easier.
This was the best I could get out of Baby Plum.
He was happier here.
I wanted cute shots of Cheese Puff in this outfit.
I made it for Little Elvis. But decided that it was pretty girly, so I stopped sewing for my boys. And try as I might, I cannot find a picture of Little Elvis in this outfit. There is one. I just don't know where it is.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Rockets and rocker boys

Little Elvis' school shot off rockets last week. They made them out of medicine bottles, and used Alka Seltzer tablets to make them explode. It was fun.
I had a terrible time trying to take the photo. This was the best I could do. He's coming back to the line after his exploded. I don't think he was super impressed.
While the big brother shot rockets, the little brothers wore their rocker outfits. Baby Plum's wearing his current favorite long sleeved tee -- he calls it "Air Guitar." It's got guitars all over it. Cheese Puff is wearing a little onesie with grey guitars all over it. They matched. At least to me they did.

It's now warm enough that I've put up Baby Plum's "Air Guitar," but he found another guitar shirt in his summer t-shirt stash that's got a guitar on it, so now he's got a new "Air Guitar." It's says "My mom rocks!" so I like it, too.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Take my picture!

 Sweet little Cheese Puff has become quite the picture fan. He loves to have his picture taken.
Last week, he wouldn't go to sleep. It's kind of common. He's an even worse sleeper than Little Elvis was, and I've created a complete sleep monster.
But man is he cute about it.
And it's hard, because he's my baby. We don't plan on having another, and I'm struggling with that.
It's also because he's still a little sick. He threw up this evening after going several days without getting sick. We're not sure what's going on, but the doctor gave us 2 weeks of medicine when we went. So, we have one more week.
He's a funny little boy. And he's going to be tough. He's got no choice in this matter. Baby Plum is rough with him.
Yesterday I was doctoring up a Little Elvis injury, and I heard screaming. Baby Plum poured a small bottle of hand sanitizer on his head. It got in his eyes. He was understandably upset.

Oh, and he's almost 14 months. Guess what I finally started this week? His baby book! Yep, I'm bad. And I bought an British baby book. It refers to me as Mummy. And it has lines about his first Holiday instead of first vacation.

Easter hunt fun

The boys had a lot of fun at Easter. Little Elvis is really into hunting for eggs, and Baby Plum is kind of, sort of getting into it. Although Baby Plum still likes to stop once he finds one egg with candy and just savor that candy.
They did a couple of Easter Egg hunts this year, and this was their last one. This one had no limits, and they didn't even have to search. They really racked up. It was an overcast day, but the timing was really great. It didn't start raining until after they found enough eggs to fill up all three baskets.
 Here are the boys in their Easter outfits. They were so cute coloring and focusing. They sit on their own pew, preferring for me to sit behind them. Baby Plum initiated this when he started going to big church with us. It's worked out well. They have to sit with me if they're misbehaving. It's a good incentive.
 When the camera comes out, they have to pose. Although, this looks very forced, they requested this pic.
 We posed for an Easter picture. Poor Cheese Puff. His outfit was seersucker with a little bunny on it. It's a hand-me-down from Little Elvis. It was too cool that morning, so he had to wear a long-sleeved white onesie and socks with his little sandals.
All three boys wanted to pose together as well. It reminded me of last year.
Look how much they've changed!