Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ball boys

Little Elvis' baseball games have started. We had talks before he started, and he swore he would practice. He's not really enjoyed this practice stuff. Baby Plum has also decided he doesn't like when Little Elvis practices. But Cheese Puff? He loves sports. At least he loves playing with baseballs and footballs.
The other morning, my two youngest were playing football.
When I got the camera out, they kind of stopped.
I tried to get them to re-enact their game. But they were more interested in the camera by then. Cheese Puff says "ball" really well. He loves to throw them all the time. Hopefully practice won't be such an ordeal with him.
Here's Little Elvis at his first game. At first, he would get out on the field and act like he'd never seen a ball, a bat or a base in his life. But last week something must have clicked for him. He's finally willing to practice at batting, and he's even making contact some now. At their practice on Thursday, the coach and other parents were shocked when he hit the ball. When he hit it at home that afternoon before practice, he said, "The crowd goes wild!" His little audience tried to appease him.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

I love watching kids play sports. Especially when they look less-than-professional in their "playing" - it's somehow way more interesting to me than the real sport. They're just so cute in their cluelessness. (Maybe that's just me!)

How cool is it that CP and BP are playing ball? Very! Cheese Puff is sooo young to be able to interact like that. Maybe that's a third child specialty?

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