Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Big green chair

Little Elvis got a big green chair from my parents for his birthday. I showed him the chair at Wal-Mart, because I thought he would like it. He did, but Baby Plum loved it more. He tugged on my arm when I showed it to them, and said, "I want Little Elvis to get that for his birthday."

He did, and the rest of us have really enjoyed it. Especially his little brothers. These pictures were all taken in the last couple of weeks. The weather has been fluctuating a lot around here.
Baby Plum loves to lounge in the chair, and Cheese Puff can climb into it pretty well.
They are both saying "Cheese."
Cheese Puff doesn't always have a pacifier in his mouth, but he seems pretty happy when he discovers one around the house.
I'm not sure what they are doing. Knowing these two, Cheese Puff was probably "ducking" Baby Plum. That's where he hits someone on the head while saying "duck."
Back in summer clothes. Cheese Puff only has one shoe on, but he's hugging a lovey. He doesn't really have a favorite lovey, but he knows that I think it's cute when he hugs stuffed toys, and he's happy to do that for me.
Sweet brothers saying "Cheese!" again.

I completely understand their fascination with this chair. Both Bob and I think it's comfy. And it's also great to use for hide and seek. Especially when you turn it over.


Blogger mpotter said...

looks comfy.
poor elvis..... does he get to play too?


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