Sunday, April 21, 2013

Little Elvis' big debut

Little Elvis' play has finally arrived! They are doing three performances this weekend. The first two are over.
Here he is the night of the first dress rehearsal. His character's name is Icky. He's one of Snow White's helpers.
His character was the one that had to keep the show on time. He carries a clipboard and points his finger.
He's channeling Mommy in the mornings.
Look at that face.
One of Baby Plum's friends and her mommy came to the opening night. They brought him a KitKat bouquet.
His teacher also came, and brought him a bag of Cheese Puffs! How sweet is that? He's a very lucky little boy.

He had lots of fans come on the first night. Granny came, and the name of the show is "The Granny Awards." It's like the show was made for her.

Tonight, one of our friends from church came with her daughter and grandson. I think they liked it. They were treated to a slightly distracted Little Elvis. We didn't realize he had a little bitty dinosaur with him. He took it onstage, and almost missed a cue because he was playing with it. We'll remember to keep him toy free tomorrow.
Baby Plum and Cheese Puff have been very happy to sit in the audience. They seem to really enjoy it.
 Cheese Puff saying, "Cheese!"

Baby Plum saying "Peanut butter!"

Tomorrow afternoon is the final production. We are all relieved. I know he's had fun, but it's been a lot of work. Tomorrow they are also having auditions for our community theater's summer play. We will not be auditioning. We all need a break. 


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

So exciting! I can't really imagine what a great experience this must have been for Little Elvis - in terms of learning about poise and concentration and attention.... WOW! So cool. The little ones look adorable, too!

9:53 AM  

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