Saturday, April 13, 2013

Posing for pictures

Baby Plum is typically our laid back baby. But he has his moments. The picture below is one of them.
See the kind of pout on his little lips. I thought Little Elvis and Cheese Puff looked cute in this little window and told Baby Plum to get in there for a picture. Instead of getting in there, he did what I've been calling his Robert DeNiro pout and started whining. He does this. If he thinks Little Elvis is running off without him, he cries and yells for Little Elvis to stop. Running to catch up with his brother would be easier.
This was the best I could get out of Baby Plum.
He was happier here.
I wanted cute shots of Cheese Puff in this outfit.
I made it for Little Elvis. But decided that it was pretty girly, so I stopped sewing for my boys. And try as I might, I cannot find a picture of Little Elvis in this outfit. There is one. I just don't know where it is.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

I like the outfit! I think it has a distinctly retro feel - not girly!

11:25 PM  

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