Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Take my picture!

 Sweet little Cheese Puff has become quite the picture fan. He loves to have his picture taken.
Last week, he wouldn't go to sleep. It's kind of common. He's an even worse sleeper than Little Elvis was, and I've created a complete sleep monster.
But man is he cute about it.
And it's hard, because he's my baby. We don't plan on having another, and I'm struggling with that.
It's also because he's still a little sick. He threw up this evening after going several days without getting sick. We're not sure what's going on, but the doctor gave us 2 weeks of medicine when we went. So, we have one more week.
He's a funny little boy. And he's going to be tough. He's got no choice in this matter. Baby Plum is rough with him.
Yesterday I was doctoring up a Little Elvis injury, and I heard screaming. Baby Plum poured a small bottle of hand sanitizer on his head. It got in his eyes. He was understandably upset.

Oh, and he's almost 14 months. Guess what I finally started this week? His baby book! Yep, I'm bad. And I bought an British baby book. It refers to me as Mummy. And it has lines about his first Holiday instead of first vacation.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Very cute! The stage where they look at the camera is so nice.

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