Sunday, April 21, 2013

Thee Ate Er Camp

I know, I've been writing about this play a lot. It's kind of consumed a lot of our time for the past 2 months. We all have the entire thing memorized, thanks to the CD that we've been listening to relentlessly. Even the little girl that carpools with us knows the songs, and has her favorites.

I think Little Elvis learned a lot from this play. He learned how to focus, and (kind of) keep that focus. He also learned how important it is to work at something. We've been trying to get him to practice baseball, and I think seeing how all the play practice paid off will help him see how important baseball practice is.

He also found out -- at least I did -- about all of the wonderful people in his life. He's got lots of love and support. My parents came. My grandmother came. My uncle, aunt and cousin came. Baby Plum's best friend and her mommy came. Little Elvis' teacher came. A friend from church, her daughter and grandson came. And today, Little Elvis' best friend from last year came! His mom brought him, and they sat by us. Little Elvis was so excited to see his best friend. And his friend was upset that he couldn't come back home and play with us.

Bob, Baby Plum, Cheese Puff and I came to every performance, although I was backstage for the first performance.

Not only that, Little Elvis' infectious zest for life has made him memorable for lots of people. The director told me he was a hit with lots of people in the audience.

This afternoon, before the performance, I decided on a lark to enter Little Elvis in a raffle for free admission to Theater Camp this summer. We weren't going to enroll him, because he's already doing two (free) camps without Baby Plum, and poor Baby Plum's been left out a lot with the play and baseball practice. But I entered him anyway. He won!

The women who did the drawing said, "Little Elvis! Yay!" Everyone was so excited for him, but he was backstage and had no idea.

After the show, we talked with his best friend, and I told him to go tell the director thanks for letting him be in the play. She's the one that told him about winning the theater camp admission.

He was so excited that he had to tell everybody that he won free "thee-ATE-er camp" admission. His little southern accent is very obvious with that word.

He also said, "I get to get a break from y'all this summer!" to me and Bob.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Hurray! That's very exciting!

10:38 PM  
Blogger mpotter said...

seems like he's living up to his name (elvis)

so cool he can have a hobby/talent this early.
i hope it will be awesome!

8:41 AM  

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