Thursday, April 18, 2013

We're not as busy as we seem

I can't seem to get myself online these days, and when I do get online, it's not on my computer. Right now I'm on Bob's computer, so no cute pictures. I do have cute pictures. I just don't have a baby that likes to sleep in his bed. He's almost 14 months, and he hates his bed. When he wakes up and finds himself in that bed, he bawls.

Little Elvis' big play is this weekend. He's doing a great job. At first, we had some problems, but he understands what he's supposed to do now, and has been great. I have a picture of him in his costume and in character. It's cute. It's not on this computer.

Baby Plum is still chattering up a storm. He's funny. He's getting very sensitive around Little Elvis. And Little Elvis can be pretty mean. They have been fighting more this week. On Monday night, I went back to their bedroom because Baby Plum was bawling. I asked what was wrong, and he said that Little Elvis told him he was going to die. I told Little Elvis not to say that, and he said, "But he will die someday." That child.

Baby Plum takes his frustrations out on Cheese Puff. But he's physical. And sometimes, he's trying to help out his baby brother. He just does it in a way that hurts the baby.

And Cheese Puff is becoming a very outgoing, silly little boy. I have some video of him dancing. He's a big dancer, and huge copier. He repeats what we say, and do. He seems to know a dance step in Little Elvis' play. He definitely knows when to clap during the play. He says "Cheese" when I take his picture now. And when I put lotion on, he rubs his hands together as well. He's still not walking, but he's getting close. He doesn't like crawling on his bare knees. It's a good incentive.


Blogger mpotter said...

wow. they're growing up.
and yeah- let's not be so factual, little elvis. that freaks people out (:

hang in there!!!

11:03 AM  
Blogger Ann Wyse said...

I can't believe Cheese Puff is saying "cheese!" How cute! It seems so soon for him to do that! Maybe the big brother factor? ;-)

1:49 PM  
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