Sunday, May 05, 2013

Cheese Puff's tummy troubles continue

We are still having problems with Cheese Puff and throwing up. It's been going on for a while now, and while it did get better, it's come back. We don't know what is causing it, and that's very frustrating.
The doctor's office isn't much help. He still eats well, he's obviously getting nutrition, because we have to change lots of diapers each day, and he's gaining weight. The throwing up used to not bother him. But I think my reaction to it causes him to cry. I'm kind of over the throwing up all over me. And I usually yelp when it happens, because it's gross and stinky. And instead of immediate cuddling, I go into clean-up mode.
We thought he might be lactose intolerant, because the child hates milk and yogurt. But he likes cheese. Tonight, he threw up after eating cheese. But he's been eating cheese this week. He really likes mozzarella shreds.
He also really liked spaghetti this week.
At least one of my children didn't fuss when presented with this meal. His brothers have to be forced to eat "red sauce."

Cheese Puff is teething. He's drooling and has a super-runny nose because of this. Each throw up episode is preceded by some pretty intense coughing. I'm hoping that's what's causing this. It doesn't help that Baby Plum had another stomach bug this week. So, it's possible that Cheese Puff caught that again. Luckily, Little Elvis didn't get it.

The throwing up isn't stopping his vocabulary. This baby is such a chatty boy!

He adds words and sounds all the time. I'm going to be a total dork, and put up the list.

Ding-dong! (What he says after ringing our doorbell.)
Duck! Duck! Goose! (Said while hitting a head.)
Little Elvis (Little Elvis' actual name.)
Mama (said only rarely, and mainly said to Bob)
Cheese! (said whenever we're on the phone or have an actual camera.)
No! (Told to Little Elvis or me when we're trying to get him to do something he doesn't want to do.)
More (I think he's saying more. He could just be saying half of ma ma)

We're loving being able to communicate with him this early. He's still not walking, although he's crawling super-fast these days. And he's climbing. On anything he can get his knees on. He's going to be scarier than Baby Plum.


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