Monday, May 20, 2013


Little Elvis gets out of school Wednesday. The school didn't have a graduation. No schools in the area did. But he went to one anyway. Because of his best friend from last year, who is in a different school district. That friend's mom decided that they needed a graduation. So, Little Elvis went to a "graduation ceremony" on Friday with his best friend's class. So, a whole bunch of kids from a different school district and Little Elvis. Didn't bother him. They were all supposed to read parts of a little poem. Little Elvis was the only one anybody could hear.
 He got his own gown and mortar board.
 Standing with a bunch of kids he doesn't know.
 Bob played "You are my Sunshine." Baby Plum is Bob's shadow.
 Saying the poem.
 Getting his diploma. My mom got a video. His diploma says he graduated from the other class. It will be a funny story when he's older. Bob played "Pomp and Circumstance" on the accordion.
 Saying part of another speech.
Once the ceremony was over, he took my camera and took lots of pictures of items and people we didn't know. He also shot a video of all of the kids running around. This was one of the only pictures that didn't get deleted. We are so thankful that we don't a film camera. 

He did a good job. And he's getting more mature in many areas. He still cries over absolutely nothing, and we are working on it. We have some things that are kind of working. But he's getting tougher. He's still sweet, and very affectionate. He's also super smart, and the incessant questions are getting to us. I need to learn a whole lot about electronics companies. A whole lot.


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