Monday, May 13, 2013

Oh brothers!

Sometimes, the brothers do some silly things.
Someone put a heart sticker on Cheese Puff while he enjoyed a meal. If I had to guess, I would say Baby Plum did that. It's nice that it was a heart. Maybe because he loves his baby brother?
He does like riding in our bike trailer/stroller with Cheese Puff. We have two double strollers, and this one is much lighter.

Pictures of all three boys smiling sweetly are very difficult to come by.
With two, it's not a problem. Look at them in their matching "Big Bro" shirts!
Add a third boy into the mix, and things get hairy,
and uncomfortable.
This was our best option. You can't really see the "little brother" on Cheese Puff's outfit, but it's there. They all three have matching outfits!
It took me seven shots to get a Happy Mother's Day picture for my mom. This was the best I got. The signs say "Happy" and "Day." Cheese Puff didn't want to hold his up, so he balled it up instead. Little Elvis drew Angry Birds all over his. His eyes were open, and looked nice in the other shots. But we decided to go with a picture where at least two of them were looking at the camera.

Silly boys.