Tuesday, May 14, 2013

One step forward, a different step back

Baby Plum had his classroom end-of-the-year performance last week.
Little Elvis didn't sing at his, but I thought Baby Plum would. He did. A little.
He did some of the steps as well. It was cute.
He also shrugged his shoulders a lot. We've never seen him do it. His teacher said he did that right before he started talking more in class. But he hasn't done it that we've noticed since.
Baby Plum has also dramatically slowed on the thumb-sucking front. He didn't do it that we noticed this weekend, but he did some today. As the thumb-sucking slowed, the (previously accomplished) potty-training has gone back considerably. Maybe they are linked?
He wanted to eat cottage cheese on Sunday afternoon. And he needed me to take a picture of it. My mom took one as well.
Little Elvis had to jump in as well, although he didn't try any of the cottage cheese.
We decided to make little postcards that say  "That's a Wrap!" for Baby Plum's teacher gifts. I like this look, but he's biting his lip instead of really smiling. He does this some, and it's cute.
This look is a Bob look. Bob does the same thing around bright lights. Bob never hears that Baby Plum looks like him, but in this picture, he does. Little Elvis also does this expression some.
I love this smile, but you can't see the clapboard.
I think one of the cats was distracting him here.
This was our winning shot. I hope the teachers don't think the "That's a Wrap!" is crass. We're doing a movie-themed gift, and thought it would be cute.
My parents took him to visit my maternal grandparents on Saturday. He liked sitting on the tractor. He still loves having his picture taken.

Baby Plum has decided to take his "little helper" role seriously, and has enjoyed helping us do projects around the house. He helped spray paint some this weekend, and helped me bake cookies this afternoon. He throws stuff away, will get things for Cheese Puff, and helps with checkout at grocery stores.

He's also suffering really badly with allergies right now. I'm wondering if the stuffy nose might be part of why he's not sucking his thumb as much. He needs to mouth breathe right now.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

I like the "That's a wrap!" photos. Actually, maybe most of the photos are "Cut!" (?!?)

Interesting about the allergies and thumb sucking. Hmmm...

My brother sucked his finger FOREVER despite all sorts of interventions; the dentist even cemented a "thumb guard" in his mouth; and still he sucked his finger around it.

Until one day he was playing racing cars in a rain gutter. Instead of sending a racing car zooming down the rain gutter, his friend sent a brick down the rain gutter. My brother was poised at the bottom of the rain gutter to catch the "car." And that brick fell right on my brother's finger and broke it.

Finger sucking solved!

3:46 PM  

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