Thursday, May 30, 2013

When he's tired, he's tired

We just got home from our first official family vacation. It was to the "big city" near us. It was fun, and went pretty well. I have not put the pictures or video into the computer.

But, the two older boys went with my parents before we started our vacation. And poor Baby Plum had too much fun!
Here he is riding a tiger. I assume Little Elvis is roaring. But I'm not sure. I know they fished, and Baby Plum's getting into that. He likes to reel in the catch. He still doesn't like to eat fish, though Little Elvis doesn't like to bother with fishing, but he loves to eat fish. They are such a perfect little pair.

After fishing, the boys slept. ButLittle Elvis doesn't need as much sleep as his 3 year old brother. So, Baby Plum must have been tired the next morning.
This happened once we all met up that afternoon. Poor Baby Plum was so tired that he fell asleep on the dock while his Daddy fished beside him.
You know he has to be tired. Especially considering that the neighbors were having a party. He's a very mobile sleeper, so I sat beside him and read until supper time. Sweet little boy. With Daddy around, I don't get too much one-on-one time. I'll take it, even if he is sleeping.


Blogger mpotter said...

wow. so cute!
glad to hear vacation went so well.

brave to take that on with 3 little ones.

2:47 PM  

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