Saturday, June 29, 2013

Changing so quickly!

I guess summer's almost halfway over for us. We start summer a little earlier down here. It's been a busy time for us, getting the shed finished. And it's been a busy time for Cheese Puff. He's hit a point where he's learning and trying so many new things!
This baby loves swinging. Sometimes when I push him, I will sing-song "Swing. swing." Obviously, I'm not the lyricist of the family. He's also got a song where I say his name over and over again. He loves both songs. But now, when he swings, he will also try to sing, "Swing, swing." He really loves his little swing, and he enjoys when his big brothers push him. They are lots rougher than I am.
Here, he's posing and saying, "Cheese" for the camera. He loves to say "Cheese" for anything that he thinks is a camera. He's also taken to saying, "Uh oh" whenever I get a text or phone call.
Here, he's wearing one of Baby Plum's shirts. He's gotten into dressing in his brothers' shirts. He's also worn one of mine. When he finds a shirt he likes, it's a huge battle to get him out of it.
Here, he was willing to get out of the shirt, because he wanted to put on Baby Plum's purple shirt instead.
My mom bought them all shirts that say "Trouble." Cheese Puff wore his for two days before I could get it off of him. It was messy. He's a very messy eater.
But he ate that meal fairly neatly. For him.
He's just getting so big. So big.
But he's not big enough to wear Little Elvis' shirts. How cute is he?
He's trying to get Little Elvis' attention.
Two brothers, same shirt size.
Here he's in an outfit that fits. Look how old he looks walking in his big boy shoes and Hawaiian shirt.
Guess what his favorite food is? Actually, it might be bananas or grapes, but peanut butter is right up there at the top. We got some at Kroger, and he had to hold it in the little car. We forgot to pay for it, and had to take it back in. As soon as the manager rang it up, we had to give it right back to him. He was fussy, and tired. I thought this was so cute. Who needs a teddy bear when you have a big jar of peanut butter?

One of his biggest accomplishments now that he's 16 months -- aside from the walking and constant addition of new words -- is singing. He sings "Twinkle, twinkle little star" all of the time. It is so cute. When we stop to listen, or look at him, he stops and smiles. I have to get video. It is so cute, and we think it's very impressive for one so young to start singing. Bob is thrilled. His plans for a family band a la Hansen are coming together nicely...