Saturday, June 15, 2013

Enjoying the summer

We're well into our summer now. Bob, my dad and I have embarked on a huge project -- we're building (they really are, while I mainly hand them tools) a shed/playhouse for the boys. It's a two-story beauty with a balcony.

While we're doing that, the boys have been entertaining themselves. At first, they fought. A lot. But by Friday, they were playing pretty well together. They had taken to creating forts in different rooms and playing some sort of pretend game. Even Cheese Puff was involved. He loved it when they made the fort on the couch in the playroom, because he's figured out how to climb onto the couch.
These are pictures from two weekends ago. Both of the older boys went boating with my parents.
My mom took them to an old general store. Little Elvis is very interested in how old everything is, especially brands and stores and electronics. We get asked some really specific questions, and our answers aren't great.
My mom also took them to Dairy Day at local store.
They got to pet a cow, hold up cow fans, and...
even got milk moustaches!
How cute is that?
They both ripped those things off as soon as the pictures were taken.

Cheese Puff had fun with Mommy and Daddy. No pictures.
But my mom did take some of him last night. He likes climbing into things, like this truck. Baby Plum was pushing him while he made vroom sounds.
They also pretended to ride a roller coaster last week together.

I'm glad they've been having fun. Hopefully, this super-big project is almost done!


Blogger mpotter said...

what a fun (and huge) idea!
can't wait to see the finished product.

enjoy your summer!

7:46 PM  

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