Monday, June 17, 2013

Prodigal kitty

Slappy snuck out of our house last week. We bought one of those Made for TV screen door things. In concept, that thing is great. It lets more air flow through the house, and it does snap back closed. But, it lets bugs in, and it lets the cats out. Slappy ended up spending a day and a half in the wild.

This is an old picture of our wild child cat. While I will be the first to admit that she is one of the neediest cats I've ever met, which isn't always welcome, we still felt awful. She's declawed on her front paws, and is not equipped for life in the real world. There are lots of dogs in our neighborhood. There's lots of wildlife in our neighborhood.

I stayed up until 4 that morning waiting for her to come back to the door. She didn't. While we were outside working on the building, I kept looking for her.

Finally, at 5 that afternoon, Wally spotted her outside our front door. She eagerly drank the fresh water I put out for her, and then hid for most of the night. We assume she was sleeping.

She's back to her typical neediness, which means loudly meowing at me (only me) several times a day, including while I'm trying to put Cheese Puff down for a nap. But I'm trying to be more patient with her. Bob didn't appreciate her waking us up at 4 the other morning, though.


Blogger mpotter said...

and YAY!
so glad she came back.

our slappy is Yiminy.
we let him go outside and in the last year have been lax in getting him when he jumps over the fence.
he's always come back an hour or 2 later.

i would be horrified if he didn't.
sorry for the stress!

and yim wakes The Mr. up at least 4x a night. good times.

9:30 AM  

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