Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Funny things heard around our house

The boys definitely say the darnedest things. This week's loveliest gems.

Little Elvis to me the day after my birthday: "Even though you're old, you're still on the young side." Thanks, man.

Baby Plum to me this morning. "I like Daddy hugs better than Mommy hugs." I have to beg this child for hugs. He's very blatant in his preference for his daddy.

Little Elvis after every Baby Plum snub: "I love you, Mommy. You don't have to ask me for hugs. I just give them. I love you, even though Baby Plum only loves Daddy."

Baby Plum to me this evening: "Little Elvis and I love you, Mommy." He broke out of his bedroom this evening to tell me that, and give me a hug. I am almost certain that his older brother put him up to it. While Little Elvis is in the midst of (what I hope!) is a quite annoying 6-year-old phase where he needs to pester constantly, he's still very aware of other's feelings.

The older two aren't the only ones saying crazy things. Cheese Puff is really getting into playing games with us! He's back to saying "Goose!" when we play duck-duck-goose. For a while he was just saying, "Duck! Duck! Duck!" He's also loving hide-and-seek. He's not so great at hiding, but loves to yell, "I see you!" when he finds us. (He usually finds me, because he's hiding with me.) We're pretty easy to find. We've also started playing "London Bridge," and he loves it. He mainly hums, but loves to be the bridge with me. And I got part of him singing, "Twinkle, twinkle, little star" today. It's not the whole thing, but it's something.

He also will walk around the house saying, "Little Elvis! Where are you?" He does the saying for all of us. His favorite word is definitely "No." He likes to yell, "Kitty cat, no!" at all of us. I'm pretty sure that's what he's saying. He started saying it to the cats. Now he says it to all of us. But he has learned Wally's name. He likes to fuss at Wally. Poor Wally.

Don't think we're out of the woods on Little Elvis' constant random questions about businesses, their age, etc. Today he asked me if there was a regular Coke, if there was a Diet Coke. If you know me, you most likely know about my addiction to Coca-Cola Classic. I have one every morning. It's my coffee. I love it, and I try very hard not to share it. I couldn't believe he asked that. I opened up the fridge, and pointed to the 24-pack. "That's regular Coke."

He asked my dad about how old Wal-Mart's cola brand was today. Is it different than Sam's brand of cola?

A question he's asked me for 2 days -- to find him a mustard noodle recipe. That's the next thing on my agenda.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Helping redo the kitchen

Every day --ok several times a day-- Cheese Puff helps me "tidy up" the kitchen. He does this by dragging out as many pots and pans as he can.
For this picture, he stuck with pots. He's also a big fan of cookie sheets and cooling racks.
"Cheese!" See what I did? Did you hear me doing this?
Baby Plum decided to help me clean up the redo. Cheese Puff was not happy about that.
He's guarding his other pots, but at least Baby Plum could help me put up the biggest pot.

Cheesy Cheese Puff

I've been bad about updating still. My birthday is tomorrow. Bob got me a great new computer, but I haven't transferred anything. It's so much better than my old computer, but it doesn't have my pictures. My old one does. I will figure out how to transfer, but it will take me awhile.

While I'm delaying that, Cheese Puff has finally decided to try some dairy products. He still will not consider milk or yogurt, but has found an immense love for cheese sticks. He pitched the hugest fit the other afternoon because he wanted one after his nap, and we were out. He had eaten our last cheese stick at lunch. It was his doing, but he didn't see it that way. We got more cheese sticks that evening. I told Bob we need to buy stock in cheese sticks now.
Here's Cheese Puff playing the ukelele. He's a big music lover. Bob loves this. We still haven't gotten video of him singing.
We've tried sneaking video, but I think he's onto us. He must be. We've tried to shoot video from behind. Little Elvis even tried to get video with his Innotab this afternoon. I told Cheese Puff that he would love this video when he was older, but he just gave me this sweet little grin.
Here, our sweet little baby is pitching a fit. You should see the facial expressions.
A big one. Why? I wanted to take a picture of all three boys' hands. We've tried twice now, and both sessions have ended in massive tears. I have no clue why he is so upset by the idea of his brothers holding, or even getting close to his hands. Bob got better fit pictures the second time, but they aren't on my new computer.
We prefer it when he's his happy, cheesy self. We had dinner with friends tonight, and he bawled for most of it. He's cutting molars, so as usual, I blame them. Mean ol' molars.
Just for fun, here's an old shot of our baby reading the paper. Who needs Mickey Mouse when you have the NASDAQ Index? How's Mommy's cheese stick stock doing?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The tradition continues!

It's that time of year again! Grandpa Stew made his now-annual trek down south to visit with us, and enjoy some free chicken!
He arrived on Monday, and we were very glad to see him. The boys had a great time playing with him, and showing him all sorts of things.

Bob got to show off his handiwork with shedzilla. Cheese Puff got to show off his mad walking, talking and singing skills. Little Elvis got to read for him. Baby Plum sang a little bit of "Oh Susanna" for him.
We're still working on that all-three-boys-looking-at-the-camera-at-the-same-time-thing.
We have no clue why Little Elvis is pouting in this picture. There is no telling.
And, of course, we got to go eat at Chick-fil-A as cows. I believe everyone of us is looking at the camera. One of the guys that works there even remembered us from last year!

Friday, July 05, 2013

Capes, guitars and lost teeth

The boys are so funny. I like spending time with them one-on-one. Little Elvis and Cheese Puff like my company. Baby Plum prefers his Daddy. He lets me know this.

Last week, Bob took the older boys on a camping trip. Cheese Puff and I got to play and be alone together.
He wore Baby Plum's favorite shirt all day. We played with big plastic spoons, because who needs real toys? And we danced and sang. We also "read" books. He's fun to read to. He likes certain points on pages,  but typically gets tired and closes the book, saying, "Good book!"
He wore Baby Plum's cape on another day. We played with Baby Plum's keyboard and danced and sang. He's a music fan.
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Cheese Puff!
Baby Plum also loves music. We took him to McDonalds after a recent dentist's appointment. This McDonalds had a huge Elvis timeline banner, and this decorative guitar. He wanted his picture taken. He did a great job at the dentist. He's been before, and he knows what he needs to do. The technician was so impressed with him. Cheese Puff also sat in the chair, but he wasn't forthcoming with his teeth.
Speaking of teeth, Little Elvis lost another tooth! I pulled this one, because I didn't want him to swallow another one. He was so brave! I wanted to pull the tooth before they went camping. He worked hard loosening it the day before they left. That night, he reminded me. Bob got me a paper towel, and it easily popped out. There was a little blood, but he was fine with it. He thought it was cool, and handled it so well. I was surprised.

They did a great job camping, and all had a good time.
Here Little Elvis is running from me as I try to take a picture of him pitching a fit. He's upset that his reindeer, Rodney, fell in the dirt. We've been trying to make him laugh and see how silly his fits are. I thought this would work, but it didn't. Will try something else next time.