Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cheesy Cheese Puff

I've been bad about updating still. My birthday is tomorrow. Bob got me a great new computer, but I haven't transferred anything. It's so much better than my old computer, but it doesn't have my pictures. My old one does. I will figure out how to transfer, but it will take me awhile.

While I'm delaying that, Cheese Puff has finally decided to try some dairy products. He still will not consider milk or yogurt, but has found an immense love for cheese sticks. He pitched the hugest fit the other afternoon because he wanted one after his nap, and we were out. He had eaten our last cheese stick at lunch. It was his doing, but he didn't see it that way. We got more cheese sticks that evening. I told Bob we need to buy stock in cheese sticks now.
Here's Cheese Puff playing the ukelele. He's a big music lover. Bob loves this. We still haven't gotten video of him singing.
We've tried sneaking video, but I think he's onto us. He must be. We've tried to shoot video from behind. Little Elvis even tried to get video with his Innotab this afternoon. I told Cheese Puff that he would love this video when he was older, but he just gave me this sweet little grin.
Here, our sweet little baby is pitching a fit. You should see the facial expressions.
A big one. Why? I wanted to take a picture of all three boys' hands. We've tried twice now, and both sessions have ended in massive tears. I have no clue why he is so upset by the idea of his brothers holding, or even getting close to his hands. Bob got better fit pictures the second time, but they aren't on my new computer.
We prefer it when he's his happy, cheesy self. We had dinner with friends tonight, and he bawled for most of it. He's cutting molars, so as usual, I blame them. Mean ol' molars.
Just for fun, here's an old shot of our baby reading the paper. Who needs Mickey Mouse when you have the NASDAQ Index? How's Mommy's cheese stick stock doing?


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Happy Birthday! Maybe you'll get some cheese stick stocks for your birthday... ;-) Either way, hope it's a great day!

6:22 PM  
Blogger mpotter said...

hope your birthday was terrific!

i love the pix i have of little one reading newspapers and The Economist.

we have geniuses in our midst (:

9:54 AM  

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