Thursday, August 22, 2013

18 months old!

Cheese Puff turns the big 18 months today. I spent most of this week thinking he had a doctor's appointment today, but it's tomorrow. He's stuffy, cranky and coughing. We're going to tough it out until tomorrow, but I wish his appointment had been today.
These are pictures from throughout the month. I'm not positive if I've posted them before or not. We took all of the boys to the play area at the mall before school started back. I took a few pictures, and this is the only one that's not super fuzzy.
Later that day we had his favorite food for supper. He loves corn! Especially corn on the cob. And he does a great job with it. He usually gets fed before the rest of us. His practice with corn on the cob is to work on his corn cob with gusto, and then demand our new corn cobs in exchange for his mostly eaten corn cobs.
He helped me do laundry the other day. He was very helpful.
He pulled out all of the dirty clothes for me, and jumped into the dirty clothes hamper.
He thought it was great fun.
Little Elvis did this when he was about this age, and it freaked him out! He bawled. Cheese Puff thought it was the most fun thing in the world.
He and Little Elvis were goofing off for the camera the other day. I like his little grin there.
This is how he looks most of  the time now. The paci, or dadi, is becoming a permanent fixture on his face. He loves it. He calls it dadi, when he wants it, and when he wants to give it back to me, he calls it mama. I have no idea what that means.
He likes to drive the sewing table, just like Baby Plum.
He's tired of the pictures at this point, I guess.

Cheese Puff still shocks us with his vocabulary. And he's a very outgoing, friendly (for the most part) little boy. He will yell, "Hi" and "Bye" to people in cars driving past us on walks. Or people driving past us in parking lots. Or people just walking around. He doesn't have to know you. But he needs to give you a proper greeting.

When he's tired of something, or some place, he'll say, "Bye bye!" That's my signal that I've spent too much time visiting, and he wants to get home.

His song repertoire has grown. He now sings "Twinkle, twinkle, little star," the alphabet song, Happy Birthday, and the choruses of songs he hears on the radio, or that he hears his older brothers singing. He's got a good ear, and picks up melodies pretty quickly. Bob has decided that he will be the singer. I told him that will be tough, since Little Elvis will most certainly (it could change, but I doubt it) not want to practice any instruments and will want the center of attention. If Bob gets his brother band wish, then Cheese Puff might get stuck playing an instrument and singing harmonies.

This baby is still a big snuggle muffin. He loves hugs, cuddles, and kisses (although he wipes them off now to be funny.) I need to stress here that he loves those from his parents. If his brothers, mainly Little Elvis, try to hug, or get in his face, then he screams and yells and hits.

Hitting is getting to be a big problem for us. When I correct him after he hits at me or his brothers, he bawls. Just bawls. He's a whole lot more like Little Elvis with that. Baby Plum could care less if he was getting scolded.

Baby Plum, who I thought might be napping was not. He's destroyed his bedroom by pulling a lot of stuff out of his closet, and has hurt his big toe.


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what a big boy he is!
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