Saturday, August 03, 2013

Technical difficulties

We're not quite there on getting pictures and video on the new computer. We have some great video, and pictures. They will be shared. Just not today.

We just got back from a vacation with my parents and one of my grandmothers. It was fun, and I think the boys did very well. Vacations are tiring, but they don't seem to be for the kids. I'm also sure I gained weight. Little Elvis is heavier, too. But his is just because he's growing.

New things to share?

Little Elvis has 3 holes in his mouth right now, but they won't last for long. His bottom tooth has been coming in, it's just slower than the first permanent tooth. His top two teeth are already growing in. I didn't lose my first tooth until the end of first grade. He's starting first grade on Monday, and has lost 4 already.

We finally got video of Cheese Puff singing "Twinkle, twinkle, little star!" This has taken weeks, but we did manage it. He's added lots of other songs to his oeuvre. He likes the new Pink song, and tries to sing along with it when it's on the radio.

Baby Plum's getting excited about birthday number 4. It's at the end of September, but we've started planning early, because he wants a Lion King party. That movie came out in 1994. I found some Timon invitations and Pumbaa gift bags at a local thrift shop. They've never been used. I also found an inflatable parrot that looks like Zazu. He says Zazu is his favorite. When I asked what he wanted on his cake, he named off every character! Lovely. I've found some on ebay, but they're pricey, even without shipping. I have a hard time justifying spending more than $20 for cake toppers that he might or might not ever play with. I found some edible cupcake sticker things that have most of the characters. He may get those. I also have to try and think about what to put in the goody bags. I prefer to do something kind of useful or edible. I'm not a fan of toys that are very exciting for 2 seconds, then they break, or get stepped on, or end up in the trash the next day. Glad he's got me started on this early. If you have any thoughts or ideas, please share!

Today, Baby Plum saw a Chuck E. Cheese coupon that I clipped last week, figuring that would be where he'd want his birthday dinner. He does. He asked me if they would still have pizza. I told him I thought they would. Then he told me that he would take his guitar and play "Hakuna Matata" at Chuck E. Cheese. He's done this before. He insisted on bringing his guitar to Cow Appreciation Day, but was too quiet and shy to be heard. He gave up. I hope Chuck E. Cheese won't be as busy or loud on his birthday.

We've also been working on the house. Bob's doing the hard stuff, while I try to be helpful, and not get in his way.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Welcome home!

I love four year old birthday parties : they old enough to know the routine, but still innocent! The Lion King sounds like a great theme and it sounds like you're already prepared.

Hmm - party favors are always tricky. I saw crayons (re)melted in fancy shaped tins lately. I love this idea, because crayon stubs are no fun and we always seem to have a plethora of them around our house. Are there Lion King character tins out there?

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