Saturday, August 10, 2013

Vacation pictures!

It's taken me a while, but here are the pictures from our vacation.

We headed out on Thursday morning, and stopped at a cool little restaurant for lunch. My mom found the restaurant, and knew by the name that Little Elvis and Baby Plum would love it. It was called 50 Taters.
The restaurant had a cool car couch.
Why can't they all look at the camera at the same time?
Baby Plum had to strike a pose with the pink flamingo in the ladies bathroom. He went with me, and saw one of his favorite birds, so of course we had to go back and get the camera. I cut off part of the flamingo's beak in the first shot.
He posed again. Baby Plum's working on saying his "L"s. He says yuh instead of luh. He calls it the the fyuhmingo. It's cute. Little Elvis had the same problem.
All of the boys loved the hotel rooms Cheese Puff found the smallest spot in our room, and set up camp.

We got to ride on an actual train that morning, and go through a tunnel and watch the train turn around on a spinning train thingy that's really huge. It was neat, and one of the conductors looked like Santa. I told Little Elvis that was his summer job while the elves were building toys.
We took the boys to a special shark spectacular at the aquarium. We got to watch an IMAX film about great white sharks, go through the aquarium, and eat special shark ice cream!
And pose with a real life teenager dressed as a walking shark. The boys were impressed. Little Elvis and Cheese Puff both had shark shirts that they got to wear.
Baby Plum passed out during the IMAX film. I guess great white sharks aren't all that scary.
We were able to transfer him to Cheese Puff's stroller for a bit before we got into the aquarium.
All of my boys inside a shark tank.
Little Elvis and Cheese Puff were enjoying some cool marine life.
The next day I dressed the boys in their special trouble shirts that Gram got them.
This was a very fun photo session. Little Elvis was offended by something, and Cheese Puff wanted to sit down.
I got two of them looking at the camera.
We tried again in a brick canoe. My grandmother says the boys don't look anything like each other. Especially not Little Elvis and Baby Plum. I disagree. I think they look more like each other every day. Cheese Puff's eye color will be different, but I think he'll end up being as handsome as his two older brothers.
The boys were all pretty good, and we were really proud of them.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Fun! (I love the I-put-ketchup-on-my-ketchup shirt.)
And I know what you mean about only two look at the camera at a time. Argh!

4:36 PM  
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