Saturday, September 14, 2013

Brothers at play

For the most part the boys play together fairly well, and enjoy each other's company. Not always. This morning Cheese Puff screamed and squealed at everything Baby Plum did. Baby Plum recognized what he was doing that led to the screaming, and kept right on doing it. Fun stuff. But other times, they are really sweet together.
Here are the older two with Coachpa at a Bass Pro Shop. It's in the bigger city up north. I know those shops usually have several fun things for kids, but my mom said this one was a bit of a let down Guess their expressions kind of give that away.
Little Elvis and Baby Plum went with my mom to visit her parents recently. They love going to Mawmaw and Pawpaw's house. There are old toys from when my cousins were little. There's a big tractor. There's a cat. There's also a TV. They are both obsessed with whatever is on TV.
But one of the old toys is a guitar that's missing most of its strings. Baby Plum loves this guitar. I'm thinking of letting him take his "electric" guitar to his 4-year-old picture session this week.
 See? They do have fun together. Especially when it involves music and making lots of noise. They love music. Some people from our church asked Bob (he's either known as the "banjo guy" or the father of all the boys) if the boys were musical. He told them that Baby Plum seems to have the most affinity for instruments. He loves to pull out his real and pretend instruments and "practice." He gets that from his Daddy. Cheese Puff has already developed a knack for picking up tunes and melodies. He loves to sing along to the songs playing in the car while we drive all over picking up his brothers. He's pretty good at it. Little Elvis is our entertainer. He's creative and did write the "Super America" song very easily. Bob is so thrilled that his sons all have some interest in music. He's secretly plotting the debut of "Swanson" in about 10 years. Since Little Elvis is a big rock music fan, and his brothers seem to like whatever pop songs I have on the radio, I think Bob can give up on that being a bluegrass band. But they are young. Things can change I guess.