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Ok, it might be hard to understand what the following two pictures are representing. The boys are sitting/laying in a number 1 formation. Tilt your head to the side, and it might help. Cheese Puff is the flag. Little Elvis is the stem part. Baby Plum is the foot. We were making a 1st birthday card for our nephew, because I kind of forgot to buy one at the store. Bob outlined them, so hopefully it looked a little more like a true one.
We ended up choosing the second picture, because Baby Plum was looking at the camera. I have so many pictures of the three of them, with Baby Plum watching his brothers....

This is kind of how I like things. I like the homemade, not-so-perfect aspect of things. Why buy an impersonal card, when your children can be a number one? I've been thinking about this a lot recently.

Little Elvis' play is in full swing, and I managed to get myself the coveted position of costume committee co-chair. It really wasn't coveted, but they knew I could sew, and would do it. I'm not much for take charge in these types of situations. I like working on committees, and doing what I'm told. I have lots of ideas, but I don't like dealing with bureaucracy. These things aren't really all that bureaucratic, so it's not been bad. I don't believe I've stepped on any toes.

Our biggest projects are 3 goat costumes and 1 cow costume. The parents aren't supposed to have to spend more than $20 on the costumes. So, we start talking about costumes, and decide to go with sweatsuits for the goats with horns and ears that we make. We also wanted to do a sweatsuit for the cow. This is my idea of children's play costumes. The director was fine with the goat idea, as long as we didn't do black or white sweats. But the cow has to be made. Fine. We can do that.

The parents ended up buying hooded sweatshirts, so I just have to make ears and horns and sew them onto the hoods. They also bought some white fur that I'll make beards with. We'll start tonight, and I'm excited. I think they are going to look so cute! This is right up my alley. The cow will be more work. I'll start on it another night. After I get the fabric.

Bob and I have been doing more projects around the house. On Labor Day, we made a new ottoman, a shoe rack for the big boys' room, and a toilet paper holder for the boys' bathroom.

I think they look great. The boys love all the new furniture. I'm glad they like homemade as much as their parents do. At least they do for now. I'm sure they'll soon be embarrassed by homemade costumes and birthday parties at home.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

I LOVE home-made stuff as well. I think the number 1 for the card is great. The other thing that's genius about it is that it involves the kids, right? Buying a store bought card wouldn't bring the same kind of awareness and participation.

My parents were very home-made about everything, and I don't ever remember feeling embarrassed about it. When I was about 12, I got a paper route and that gave me my own money. It was just the rule that if I wanted something store bought or more expensive than my parents thought practical (really wanting to wear clothes from The Gap comes to mind) then I would use my paper route money.

The costumes sound great! I'm confident that after all the years of Chick-Fil-A, the cow costume is going to be easy-peasy (and fun!) for you!

4:10 PM  
Blogger mpotter said...

so glad you are that creative!
i'm not very handy in the homemade department.

unless it's baking. i like to cook from scratch-ish.
(you know, i don't make my own pasta or anything like that)

way to go!

10:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grandpa Stew

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