Saturday, September 28, 2013

The many faces of Cheese Puff

We'll start from the back, because that's the first picture that came up. Cheese Puff likes to pick up random things and carry them around the house, leaving them in random spots as he finds more random stuff to pick up. His brothers did the same thing.
Here he's carrying a picture of Baby Plum. Baby Plum decorated the frame. I'm pretty sure that I usually have it way out of Cheese Puff's reach. Baby Plum must have gotten it down.
Cheese Puff decided the Innotab was way more interesting.
Here we are in the midst of a fit. These are starting to get a lot more common. I believe this baby may give Little Elvis a run for his money.
Why, oh why, are my parents so mean to me?
No pictures, please!
What brought on this fit? We were trying to take a picture of his hand for a picture that I want to put up. We were able to take one of Little Elvis' hand, and one of Baby Plum's hand, but Cheese Puff refused. This was our second or third attempt.
We've given up for the time being.
He's pretty quick to go back to his happy-go-lucky vibe. He likes to "drive" the car while we wait to drop Baby Plum off at school. We have to wait a good while, so I bring both boys up to the front seat with me. They really enjoy it. I don't always.
Cheese Puff discovered my old favorite teddy bear. Little Elvis found it, and brought it home. But he forgot about it. Cheese Puff finds it every once in a while, and hugs it and drags it through the house. It's about as tall as he is.
Just being cute and sucking on one pacifier while holding another. They are his two "best." They are both currently missing. I need to buckle down and find them.
This baby loves watermelon! But he's starting to dislike his high chair. He's practically refusing to sit in it these days.
Swinging with Mickey. He's doing his impression of a cool dude from the 70s. In my defense, I didn't realize that shirt was missing a button until it was already on. I certainly wasn't taking it off after going to all that effort to get him into it.
He wore it all day. We went quite a few places. I should have put a gold chain on him.
One last picture of my sweet little baby. He's talking in sentences some now, although he's usually got a "dadi" in his mouth, so it's hard to understand him. He is polite. He's said thank you for a while now. But now he's added your welcome and no thank you to his list of polite phrases. We're still working on please.


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the gold chain.
love it.

what a big boy he's becoming!!

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