Sunday, October 27, 2013

Messy faces

My mom bought the boys some candy bars the other day. Needless to say, they enjoyed it!
Little Elvis didn't make too big of a mess.
But Cheese Puff did! It was hard to get all of the chocolate off that pacifier.
And this little guy stayed clean! This is shocking, because he is a messy, messy eater. Today, he ate a biscuit that I buttered for him. Instead of eating it together, he pulled it apart and pulled the butter off with his fingers to eat separately. He made a mess.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Getting ready for Halloween!

So, we are getting ready for Halloween around here. The older boys each selected their character of choice without any real input from me. At least, I hope I didn't influence them too much. I didn't mean to.
Our local newspaper is having a costume contest, and I had to have them entered by this evening. So, they modeled their outfits before bathtime.
Little Elvis was my easiest. He wanted to be Super America. I made this costume for his 6th birthday. I was worried it would be too small, but it's not too bad. I'll try to find some blue socks, or at least gray ones. I love this picture. He looks like such a big boy.
Baby Plum was my hardest this year. He's Zazu. The bird from Lion King. Yeah. I should have taken a side shot. I spent a lot of time on the head. How can he win the contest, if you can't really see his head? He seems happy with it, which makes me happy. I will have to take a back up outfit for him at our Trunk or Treat. They have bouncy houses, and I would hate for his wings or tail to come off.
Cheese Puff is Cookie Monster. I found this at the last big child consignment sale. The sale tag said it was 18-24 months. Once I got it home, I looked at the actual tag. It's a 3T. Since it's a vest, it's not that bad. He had some blue pants, and is wearing one of Baby Plum's Cookie Monster shirts. I will try to safety pin down the head. Baby Plum can squeeze into it if he really wants to.

I guess our theme this year with the costumes is blue. They all have blue in them. And they are all pretty happy with their very different characters.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nuggets of wisdom

When Little Elvis was in the play, apparently he shared "nuggets of wisdom" with the entire cast at every rehearsal. I was busy with costumes, and wasn't really aware of this. But the director, several moms and some of his cast mates told me about them.

The director told him she planned to write a book with his nuggets of wisdom and sell it. He said he wanted half of the money. At least I think he agreed to that.

The nugget that I heard about the most was, "Don't forget to wear your pants on stage, because nobody wants to see that!"

And that? That was coming from me. I had told him that, because he needed to know it. He needed to be told that. And I guess he needed to share that with others, in case they didn't know it.

This weekend we were driving to see my mom, and he said. "I must be really healthy! Because I toot all the time!"

That also came from me. A biology teacher that works with Bob told me when Cheese Puff was a baby that stinky toots meant things were working well. I told Little Elvis that last week after he was stinky. He took it, turned it a little around, and made it his own. He's told us pretty much every day how healthy he is. I can only imagine what he's telling his class.

Oh, and he's learned how to use the word "literally!" Fairly certain he got that from me. Most of what he says seems to come from me. It's not always as cute as "literally!"

He told me this weekend that he "literally" did not want to jump on the trampoline with Daddy and his brothers.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Super styling boys

Baby Plum didn't get many clothes for his birthday this year. The one thing he did get? A Rock and Roll shirt from my aunt. He loves it! He's typically fairly happy with clothes, if they pertain whatever he's currently interested in.
 In an effort to get more kids to stay the full day and week at school, Little Elvis' school had "Wear a Crazy Hat Day!" last Friday for kids who had perfect attendance and weren't tardy. He picked my Dad's "Indiana Jones" hat, because one of his friends likes Indiana Jones. He said he would be Kansas City Jones!
 At his parent/teacher conference on Thursday, I told his teacher I might try to bring his brothers to have lunch with him on Friday and let them wear hats. I forgot that Little Elvis' lunchtime is during Baby Plum's pre-school day, so Baby Plum didn't get to go.
 But Cheese Puff wore his Mickey Mouse hat. He was a hit! And, I told Bob he needs to start watching his back. Two of Little Elvis' classmates told me I was beautiful. One was most likely just copying the other, but it made my day.

This week the reward is sunglasses day. Little Elvis has never been a big fan, and I don't know if we have any. I'll have to do some digging I guess.
This was just a funny shot later in that day. Cheese Puff laid several books out on the couch and was "reading" them. At least that's what I think he was doing. Silly boy.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Funny faces

I've been really bad about keeping up with things recently. The blog has definitely been neglected some. But the boys are still cute.
These pictures are from 2 weeks ago... I think. I dressed them all in striped shirts of some sort. They like to be dressed alike. At least, Little Elvis and Baby Plum do. They also love hearing that they look alike. I do, too.
Little Elvis wrote a letter to John Lasseter a few weeks ago. We included a picture of him posing with his poster about John Lasseter. We got a signed picture of Buzz and Woody. It's framed in our playroom.
While Little Elvis wrote to his hero, Baby Plum and Cheese Puff dressed like superheroes. This picture isn't a full shot, but if it was, you would see that they really needed to switch capes. Baby Plum's was too tight and short (I made it for him when he was Cheese Puff's age) while Cheese Puff's was way too long.
It took some doing, but I got them to switch.
The superheroes were crawling through a tunnel in the living room. I'm not sure why they needed a blanket and a nap mat, but it made sense to them.
Baby Plum with the Rafiki that one of my friends made him for his birthday. How cool is that? Doesn't he look so cute with it? He's wearing one of the few things I bought at the big baby consignment sale this year. I think he's just about over Cookie Monster, so I'm glad he gets to wear it now.
Not only did he get a cool Rafiki toy, he also got to eat his favorite thing for supper that night -- macaroni and cheese.
Cheese Puff also loves macaroni and cheese. Little Elvis does not.
Baby Plum caught this action shot of Cheese Puff. I'm not sure what is going on, but Baby Plum was most likely trying to keep the camera out of Cheese Puff's reach. I think he's saying, "No!" while swinging his arm. He's a tough little guy.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Funny things heard round our house

I need pictures, but I'm not on my computer. So, instead, I will just give some funny sayings,

Baby Plum to me yesterday as I was getting dressed for church: "Mommy, you look perfect!"

I don't get many compliments from that little man, and was so thrilled that he said something sweet to me, without prompting from Bob or Little Elvis.

Little Elvis while in church: "Your belly looks like it has a baby in it." (It absolutely does not have a baby in it.)

This, hurt my feelings a little bit.

Cheese Puff to me repeatedly this morning while I was trying to get just a few more zzzzs: "I'll be back!"

He would get in bed with me, and rumble all over the place, slide off the bed, tell me he would be back, and then run out of the door. He never broke his promise. He always came back.

Cheese Puff also told me that he wanted to be a good guy today when I said something about bad guys. Yes, this baby definitely has older brothers.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Tom Tom hangs up his belt

Little Elvis' play ended this weekend with three performances. He did a great job and had a blast doing it! Here he is right before the final performance. Isn't he cute? I think it's a great picture of him. We should have made him hold his pig, though.
Little Elvis played the part of Tom-Tom the Piper's son who stole a pig and away he did run. Here, Little Elvis is running across the stage with his pig.
Here are the police after they apprehend him. He's wearing a Snugli. He couldn't do the dances and hold his pig, so someone suggested a Snugli. They didn't have time to fold down the front of the Snugli during the final performance, so you might not be able to tell, but he's got his pig in there.

He did a great job for all three performances. They said they had kindergarteners in the play, but I believe those kids dropped out of the play. I think Little Elvis was the youngest. And (I might be biased) he did a great job acting. He was loud, and he did the lines with some feeling. His dancing was super-cute. I was worried about his rhythm, but he managed to keep up fairly well.

He is such a lucky boy, because his teacher came to his performance! He was so excited to see her, and ran off the stage as soon as the curtains were closed so he could say hi. It was very sweet.

And his guests worked out well. For the first performance, one of Baby Plum's friends came with her mom. His teacher came for the second night. And he had 6 guests for the final matinee, including Gram, Coachpa and Granny. He loved every minute of it.

Little Elvis even handled a wardrobe malfunction on the second night. In one of the first scenes of the play, he was supposed to run across the stage holding his pig. His belt started to fall, and he couldn't really run with it around his knees. He still managed to look at his pig, hug it, and waddle off. It was so funny! And it wasn't the only wardrobe malfunction for the play. Another little boy lost his pants! Luckily, he was a bear and had a bear costume on under it.

Baby Plum and Cheese Puff went to 2 of the performances. On the first night, they were fairly chatty. Cheese Puff kept saying, "Where's Little Elvis?" "Where's Little Elvis?" And once he saw Little Elvis, he would yell, "Little Elvis!"

Baby Plum also wanted to know Little Elvis' whereabouts. But he had questions about other things, too.

The women in front of us, didn't seem too happy with their antics. But on Sunday, most of the people around us thought they were cute.