Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Funny things heard round our house

I need pictures, but I'm not on my computer. So, instead, I will just give some funny sayings,

Baby Plum to me yesterday as I was getting dressed for church: "Mommy, you look perfect!"

I don't get many compliments from that little man, and was so thrilled that he said something sweet to me, without prompting from Bob or Little Elvis.

Little Elvis while in church: "Your belly looks like it has a baby in it." (It absolutely does not have a baby in it.)

This, hurt my feelings a little bit.

Cheese Puff to me repeatedly this morning while I was trying to get just a few more zzzzs: "I'll be back!"

He would get in bed with me, and rumble all over the place, slide off the bed, tell me he would be back, and then run out of the door. He never broke his promise. He always came back.

Cheese Puff also told me that he wanted to be a good guy today when I said something about bad guys. Yes, this baby definitely has older brothers.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

So sweet on the " You look perfect!" I remember feeling that way about my mother when I was little. I felt that way all the time about her.

Once my mother complained, in front of me, that she was getting crow lines around her eyes. I remember trying to convince her that they made her look even more beautiful. Which I still think.

And I need to remember this when I start picking apart my own appearance. ;-)

1:25 PM  

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