Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Getting ready for Halloween!

So, we are getting ready for Halloween around here. The older boys each selected their character of choice without any real input from me. At least, I hope I didn't influence them too much. I didn't mean to.
Our local newspaper is having a costume contest, and I had to have them entered by this evening. So, they modeled their outfits before bathtime.
Little Elvis was my easiest. He wanted to be Super America. I made this costume for his 6th birthday. I was worried it would be too small, but it's not too bad. I'll try to find some blue socks, or at least gray ones. I love this picture. He looks like such a big boy.
Baby Plum was my hardest this year. He's Zazu. The bird from Lion King. Yeah. I should have taken a side shot. I spent a lot of time on the head. How can he win the contest, if you can't really see his head? He seems happy with it, which makes me happy. I will have to take a back up outfit for him at our Trunk or Treat. They have bouncy houses, and I would hate for his wings or tail to come off.
Cheese Puff is Cookie Monster. I found this at the last big child consignment sale. The sale tag said it was 18-24 months. Once I got it home, I looked at the actual tag. It's a 3T. Since it's a vest, it's not that bad. He had some blue pants, and is wearing one of Baby Plum's Cookie Monster shirts. I will try to safety pin down the head. Baby Plum can squeeze into it if he really wants to.

I guess our theme this year with the costumes is blue. They all have blue in them. And they are all pretty happy with their very different characters.