Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nuggets of wisdom

When Little Elvis was in the play, apparently he shared "nuggets of wisdom" with the entire cast at every rehearsal. I was busy with costumes, and wasn't really aware of this. But the director, several moms and some of his cast mates told me about them.

The director told him she planned to write a book with his nuggets of wisdom and sell it. He said he wanted half of the money. At least I think he agreed to that.

The nugget that I heard about the most was, "Don't forget to wear your pants on stage, because nobody wants to see that!"

And that? That was coming from me. I had told him that, because he needed to know it. He needed to be told that. And I guess he needed to share that with others, in case they didn't know it.

This weekend we were driving to see my mom, and he said. "I must be really healthy! Because I toot all the time!"

That also came from me. A biology teacher that works with Bob told me when Cheese Puff was a baby that stinky toots meant things were working well. I told Little Elvis that last week after he was stinky. He took it, turned it a little around, and made it his own. He's told us pretty much every day how healthy he is. I can only imagine what he's telling his class.

Oh, and he's learned how to use the word "literally!" Fairly certain he got that from me. Most of what he says seems to come from me. It's not always as cute as "literally!"

He told me this weekend that he "literally" did not want to jump on the trampoline with Daddy and his brothers.


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